Before we start with the tips for choosing your domain name on the Internet, let’s explain what this is.

When you read on the Internet that an article refers to a “domain name” they are not talking about anything other than an identifier or name; that is unique and exclusive, with which your website can be searched on the Internet.

Let´s look at the following domain name:

The domain name has two parts, which are:

1.- The name that you chose, in this case, example

2.- The extension, in this case, .MX

It’s very simple, right?

There are a wide variety of extensions, for example, some of the most popular are .COM, .MX, .EDU, .ORG, among others. If your business or project is located in Mexico, or it´s aimed towards a mexican audience, it is recommended that you use the .MX extension.

The .MX extension represents Mexico on the Internet and gives your idea or project prestige and identity, which helps you position your domain name in the searches carried out in the main sites in Mexico and the world.

Below, you’ll find a list of recommendations that will help you choose the best domain name for your idea or project on the Internet:

1. Make it memorable, easy to remember.

What do we mean by that your domain name must be “memorable”?

That all the people that you mention your domain name to, can easily remember it without having to search for your contact information.

Therefore, we need to look for a domain name that has common elements so that people can recognize simple words with easy access to their short-term memory.

Consider that your new domain name does not necessarily have to be related to your brand, for example, if your flower shop is called: Floralia, a memorable domain name could be:

It’s like searching in your mind the word dog or cat when someone mentions a veterinary.

What do you think? Let your imagination run wild, just remember that less is more and that simpler is better.

2. Make sure it can be used on mobile devices.

According to statistics, mobile devices occupy more than 60% of the Internet traffic, that means that more than half of the people that will visit your domain name, will do it from their mobile device.

Therefore, we need to take this into account when registering an Internet resource, such as a domain name.

In order for your domain name to be mobile-friendly, we recommend you to open your preferred search engine and search for the domain name you wish to register.

By now you must be asking, why? Right?

The reason is very simple, autocorrect!

Keep in mind that for a domain name to be memorable and concise, it must be easy to spell and does not require effort when using the keys of a mobile device, that is crucial for your registration to be successful and don’t be another victim of the autocorrect, preventing that anyone visits your website and therefore desists visiting it due to a bad search.

3. Add keywords to quickly locate it in the search engines.

Keywords in domain names closely resemble the icing sugar in cookies.

It’s an excellent addition to it, but it’s not necessary. If you think that it makes sense to use a keyword in your new domain name and you’re able to use it, go ahead and do so.

On average, 63% of the best performing domains have keywords in their URL.

To better understand the subject, it’s good that we delve a little into the technical aspect and consider the following:

In SEO, we refer to an EMD (Exact Match Domain) domain, to one that contains the exact keyword that you want to position in the online search engines, thereby constituting that the domain name is based on that keyword.

For example: / … etc.

Basically, what we’re saying is that you can use common and easy to remember words, as we described in the previous point, as it will give you extra points when positioning your domain name in the searches of the main search engines.

4. Choose a name that sounds good as a brand, these are very valuable and easier to think of.

We are doing great so far; however, we need to talk about the importance of the branding regarding the choice that you’re going to make.

77% of the customers make purchases based on the brand of the product. The craziest thing is that 90% of these decisions are made subconsciously based on the feeling the brand creates in them.

Some examples could be: Amazon, Nike y Tesla.

Unfortunately, choosing a domain name is not as simple as the rest of the advice we have given you.

Let’s do an exercise, shall we?

Say out loud the domain name you’re thinking of and hear if it sounds good as a brand.

For example:

Sounds good:

Doesn´t sound good:

Sounds good:

Doesn´t sound good:

So, use the tips we have given you so far to find the domain name that best suits your needs.

5. Make sure you don’t get into legal conflict with someone’s trademark in your choice process.

Well, let’s say you just registered the domain name of your dreams, but something unexpected happened, a few weeks later you receive an order to cease and desist from the legal offices of someone who generates five times more money than you every thirty seconds.

It’s not a nice picture, is it? But trust us, this is not uncommon. We recommend that before registering your domain name, you make sure that it doesn’t have a legal trademark registration, with this, you will avoid undesirable litigation and unnecessary waste of time and money.

Search the Internet for the legal status of the domain name you want to register, there are multiple websites that will help you to have better certainty that your registration will only bring you clients and not legal problems.

6. Choose an appropriate extension.

The .com extension remains the king of domain extensions, both for SEOs and for memory.

Although there are currently many more domain extensions out there than there were 20 years ago, and if you combine the advice we’ve given you so far strategically, you should have no problem positioning your brand on the Internet.

If you can get a .com extension at a decent price – if possible – you should take it, as long as it meets your criteria and previously considering the knowledge you have acquired so far.

However, the availability of a domain name with a .com extension is practically zero and if your idea or project is directly related to the territory in which you live, in this case Mexico, we recommend that you consider the .MX extension. I’ll tell you why it’s a good idea:

  • If your business is in Mexico or aimed towards the Mexican public, it is recommended that you register a .MX domain.
  • The .MX is the domain that represents Mexico on the Internet. Currently there are close to 1 million .MX domains registered worldwide
  • It’s short and easy to remember
  • It gives you a Mexican identity as an entrepreneur.
  • Helps to position your website in the main search engines
  • Gives prestige to your idea or business

7. If you run out of ideas, use a domain name generator tool.

Making the decision of choosing a domain name that meets all these tips that we have discussed so far may sound easier than it is and as creative as we are we can sometimes run out of ideas.

Fortunately, if your creativity needs a break, you can get support with a domain name generator.

We present below a list of domain name generators that you can use to support you in your search for the ideal domain name for your idea or project:


DomainWheel Is a very easy to use domain name generator, created by the amazing team at Themelsle. Just enter a keyword and check all available domains. Even this tool generates domains that sound similar to the one you searched for or even add random suggestions.


Namemesh Offering multiple generators – including SEO-based hints, short names, common domains, and new domain extensions, NameMesh is a tool that goes straight to the point, takes a word, and gives you all the options one might think of.


Bust a Name: Including your own enviable domain name, Bust a Name has a very basic design compared to NameMesh or DomainWheel, but the results are much faster and quite creative.


So remember, let your creativity fly, but if you find yourself in a creative block you can always use these tools to launch your internet presence.


How to Choose a Domain Name: Summary

Your domain name is your digital address. And this significantly influences the visitor’s perception of your brand.

Unfortunately, most of the fantastic names like “” that were acquired in the early days of the internet are no longer available. But this does not mean that you cannot find a good domain name for your new site.

Finding the perfect domain name is like finding the perfect song. But follow these seven tips and you will surely find a domain name that will stand the test of time and bring you great benefits.

.MX is México on the Internet