Let’s start with this, the first thing you should know is that the space on the Internet used to store or save a web page is called hosting, web hosting or web storage.

As its name says, it’s a service that allows you to save or store the content you want to appear on your web page when publishing it on the Internet, so that it can be viewed online by anyone.

Here, you will find all the steps that are involved when you access a webpage on the Internet:

The hosting service is necessary for your page to be accessible from the Internet, and so, that your business has an international reach, and this generates ease of sales, nowadays for many people it’s a necessity to make purchases online.

The hosting service can vary from provider to provider, so it’s recommended to know your own needs to find the service that suits you best.

Some of the points you should consider when choosing your hosting provider are:

  • Service speed
  • Web space size
  • Bandwidth offered

To choose the one that suits you best, we share the following points to review:

Does the provider have a good reputation?

For this we recommend you to do a Google search, so you´ll be able to know the opinions of other users, Taking this int consideration, you’ll be able to choose the one that you think can support you with your need.

Is the price offer competitive?

Currently there are various types of service, depending on their tools, capabilities and trained personnel, in addition to their reputation and costs variations, so it’s recommended that you check with at least 5 providers the same type of service, in order to get an average price, and to know if they are above or below the regular price, the ideal would be for it to be competitive, neither too cheap nor too expensive.


Do they offer only basic service or do they offer a wide range of services?

Sometimes we are guided more by budget than the services the providers offers, but there are times when we may require more services or even more space to store everything we want to appear on our site, that’s why you we recommend thinking ahead:

What will you need in 2 or 3 years?

That’s why we recommend you choose a provider that can meet your current needs, as well as in the medium or long term.

Does any family member or acquaintance have your website?

Sometimes opinions on the Internet are paid, so it will never hurt to ask friends and family if they know a provider they can recommend.

Will you provide attention via email on your website?

If so, we recommend that you create email accounts associated with your domain name, for example: help@mywebsite.mx, as this will give your company a professional touch, instead of using free email accounts like Gmail, Outlook etc.

Now you know what it means to have a web space, but do you know where it is stored? Well, the content that you want to appear on your web page is stored on a web server, this is a very powerful machine that allows you to store a certain amount of web pages, so that they are visible on the Internet.

Therefore, a server can store several hosting services, which in turn could have several associated web pages.  

Here are some suggestions when looking for a web hosting provider:

  • Research, review and compare the different providers that offer the service, so that you can choose the one that best suits you in the medium or long term. To do this, we invite you to review the following page a wide list of providers, ranging from the most basic services to the most advanced: Provider list
  • Remember to check where your provider is physically located, so that in case you want or require it, you can go to their offices for an in-person customer support.
  • It’s important to read the policies published on the provider’s website, their frequently asked questions, as well as any information that you consider important in order to make an informed decision.
  • Know the different means of communication they offer, as well as their schedules and response times, since these may vary from provider to provider for different reasons. So, if you need to make a change, but the provider you chose takes from 48 up to 72 hours, you should wait that time to see your request processed.
  • On occasions it is practical that your domain name registration provider is also your web hosting provider, due to the payments to be made, as well as the dates in which they must be made, but this is entirely your decision, for what you can choose to have 1 or 2 providers. It only contemplates that each one sees a certain subject, therefore, the payments, as well as the dates in which they must be made, may vary.
  • It’s important to review the opinions of other customers regarding the service offered by certain providers, so we recommend you do a search on Google, choosing the results that are shown in the different profiles of the provider’s social networks, blogs or Internet forums, but do not rely heavily on the opinions that the provider himself uploads on his website, since sometimes they are old opinions, so they may differ from the current service they are providing.
  • For better communication, choose providers that offers technical support in your language, so that it is easier to explain what you want, and thus they provide you with the corresponding information.
  • Not all web hosting services are used for all projects, therefore, it is necessary to examine a series of criteria when contracting the service.

Among the most important criteria please consider the following:

  • Domain names can be purchased separately, with different providers or with the same web hosting provider.
  • Traffic forecast: Very cheap web hosts tend to have a limited data traffic capacity. Especially when migrating a website from one accommodation to another, be careful with this.
  • Server capacity: Processing capacity, disk space and available bandwidth.
  • The type of technology that the web will use: static HTML pages or PHP applications (or other technologies such as Microsoft‘s ASP.NET). In the case of using applications, the hosting server supports its technology.
  • Multidomain hosting capacity: that is, the hosting supports a single website or several websites with different domains.
  • Data center location, the closest to your country the better
  • Complementary services provided by the company, such as maintenance.
  • Server room security or data processing center: this is to find out if the hosting vendor has a data processing center that is protected against hackers or natural disasters and that they have reliable data recovery systems.

If you have no idea where you can get hosting, please click here to access a list of Registry MX accredited providers that can offer that service to you.

.MX is México on the Internet