3 tips for creating content for your website

by | Jun 23, 2021

Learn how to create content that will win over your website’s visitors.

Your website needs to be creative, that’s a fact! This is achieved by taking care and improving many aspects, from the most obvious as the aesthetics of the page and the architecture of the information to the security of it, but undoubtedly one of the necessary elements to conquer your visitors is the content of your website. So today we want to give you some tips to create content for your website.

We live in the information age so today everything you are looking for is on the Internet, so no matter what the theme you chose for your website you will surely be competing for the attention of visitors with many other sites, even some hundreds, that’s why you should worry about creating content that conquers your visitors, give them an added value so that once they enter you do not want to leave there.

This guide will help you to get out of the creative block so you can keep publishing new topics on your page and get your visitors hooked on your content.

1. Basic content of your page

Once you have everything you need to get started with your website, your domain and host hired and your site builder activated, it’s time to think about the most important part: the content. Maybe your first question is what kind of content can I upload. The best way to answer this is to decide what you want to have on your page, although it doesn’t matter what it is focused on, your web page must have the following sections that allow your visitors to know your company or business better:

  • Home page in which there should be a visible link to all sections of the page, it can also contain a review of the latest content. In this part it is very important to have a lot of visual content, as it is the surest way to attract the visitor’s attention.
  • Information about your brand: one of the most important parts of your website should be dedicated to present yourself in a formal way to your visitors. In this section you can tell a little of your history, objectives, mission, vision. In a few words, try to tell what makes you different from other sites.
  • Information about your products or services of course this is one of the most important elements for a web page. Depending on your offer of services or products you can create several sections within the site, where you describe extensively the characteristics of them and why they are better than your competition.
  • Blog: this is one of the most important elements to position yourself, because it is your best ally for your digital marketing strategy because it allows you to position your site with SEO strategies, besides it helps you to conquer visitors by writing about topics related to your market niche.
  • Reviews: in other posts we have talked about the importance of reviews from other customers to gain the trust of visitors, because there is nothing more convincing than a success story told by a real human being. So be sure to leave these stories in a visible place.

2. Tips to combat creative block

If you’ve been working on your website for a long period of time, it’s probably happened to you that you’re not sure what to write, especially if you have a blog, where you’re constantly posting. If you find yourself in this dilemma here are some tips to help you break that block.

Study your analytics

If you’ve had your website for a while, a good way to keep making impactful content is to study your analytics to review what content was effective in the past. Then try to understand what worked from that content and how you can use it in your current content. Maybe in your content at that time you were writing in a direct and friendly way and now you are more formal and maybe this was what gave you more visits, if so you should correct this situation.

Check trends

It is true that you should be constantly looking for the trends in your niche market, to get the content that most interests your audience base, but it is a very good idea to review the general trends in social networks, as they are topics that people will be looking for vehemently on the Internet. So, choose a trend that has something to do with your content, your brand or your products and create content that fits that trend, this will help you appear in Google search results. Of course, make sure that this content does not look too forced, because it can bring negative effects.

Check your competition

An excellent way to inspire you to create new content is to review the pages of your competitors, because the benefit is twofold because on the one hand you can see what trends are in your niche market that you may not have considered. On the other hand, you can assess what approach they are using in their content.

Search keywords

This seems a bit obvious advice, because surely in every content you publish you have dedicated yourself to search for keywords to improve SEO, but what I suggest today is to do a search on sites like Google Search Console, which can tell you the search terms in which your website is appearing, this can give you many clues about the content that your website needs and the topics that are working best for you.

3. Create attractive content

It is useless to have a website with a blog full of posts, if the level of visits is very low. Being in this situation may generate a little frustration, the recommendation in these cases is to draw the attention of visitors and offer them more attractive content. If you want to improve this aspect of your publications, keep reading because we will give you the best tips below.

Use images and videos

It is easier for the brain to process visual references than words, so all pages should make sure to have great visual content, as it is the best way to attract the attention of visitors. Try to make sure that each post and each section of your page is properly illustrated with eye-catching images that refer to the content. Some images, such as infographics, are as complex and full of information as a blog post, so you can publish them on your social networks or home page. In addition, they can serve as a hook for users to enter to read the complete information on your page.

Use emotions to your advantage

This is more than a simple tip to generate content, it is a tip to make your content more appealing. In this sense, experts warn that content is more effective when it appeals to feelings, because it is easier for your visitors to enter hooked by a title, but finish reading because it generates surprise or joy. Making content that generates surprise or joy will help you lower the bounce rate, that is, it will increase the number of people who enter and stay to read the entire blog.

Think carefully about your titles

Putting eye-catching titles is a tip that is related to the previous tip, as it is focused on making people enter to see your content just by reading the title of your post. The truth is that making eye-catching titles can be more complicated than it seems, that’s why digital marketing experts recommend for users to click on an article posted on social networks to put an eye-catching title, for this there is a formula known as the formula of the four U’s that are summarized in:

  • Useful: the title should say, concisely, why you need to read it, what it will teach you or how it will help you.
  • Ultra-specific: the title should not signal that it is going to focus on a single thing.
  • Unique: a title works best if it makes it clear that the content has something that will not be found elsewhere.
  • Urgent: the sense of urgency, i.e. suggesting that something can go away quickly attracts attention much faster than a title without this characteristic.

If you can incorporate some of these “U’s” in your titles, it will be easier for your content to be shared and read more than it is commonly done.

We do not want to end these recommendations without reminding you that all the content of your page must have SEO positioning techniques, for this do not forget to indicate the keywords and save the images with the name of the main keyword. If you want to know more about these techniques I invite you to read our post about it.

But first, tell us, can you give us another tip to create the content of your website?

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