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1. Domains

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a simple Internet address that consists of a set of characters (letters, numbers, hyphen). It is used to find an easy way to Internet sites and that can be associated to the identity of a person, organization, company, idea, group, or some other concept.

You can find related information on the following link: What is a domain name?

What is a Registrant?

The registrant is the holder and responsible for the domain name. It is recommended for it to be the end user (individual or corporation) of the domain name.

What is a contact?

Object created to facilitate the administration of a domain name. There are four types of contact for each Domain Name: Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing.

What is a DNS?

Acronyms used to refer to the Domain Name System and/or Domain Name Server in an indistinctively manner. The Domain Name System is a distributed computer system that provides for all the Internet correspondences (resolutions) between domain names and IP addresses. The Domain Name Server refers to the computer equipment as part of the Domain Name System and that hosts the information and processes for establishing correspondences (resolutions) between domain names and IP addresses.

Where can I find information on a .MX domain name that is already registered?

The Registry .MX has a tool called “Whois”, where you can view public information about a .MX domain name registered.

You can access this tool in WHOIS.

Who is the owner of a domain name?

The domain name is not property, is only an electronic registration, whose ownership is held by the domain name Registrant.

What .MX domains are not considered to be registered?

here is a list of reserved domains and which may be registered in some cases by a specific entity or are reserved for non-use. In order to view the complete list we suggest you to enter to the following link: Reserved .MX Domain Names

I want to register a closed classification domain name (GOB.MX, EDU.MX and NET.MX), how can I do it?

In particular these domian name classifications require certain requirements before being activated. The request must be sent through any of our Accredited Registrars and you can find the requirements  at Annex A/ Domain Name Classification from our .MX Domain Name General Policies.

How can I recover the administration of my .MX domain name?

Each Registrar is responsible for resolving the problems that may arise from each domain name that is under their administration. You should contact the Registrar that administrates the domain name in order to know the process and/or the procedure to be followed.

How can I initiate a dispute over the ownership of a domain name?

Each Accredited Registrar has the obligation to initiate a process of Ownership Dispute if there is no agreement between the Registrant of a Domain Name and the third party on the ownership of the Domain Name. The process may vary between each Registrar, so you should contact the Registrar that administrates the domain name in order to know the steps you should follow.

Where can I start a dispute over a trademark domain name?

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was appointed by the Registry .MX as the authorized provider for disputes resolution services; it is therefore this who administrates and carries out these processes. However it is noteworthy that is it the intent of the Registry. MX to select other providers of disputes resolution services in the future. We suggest to you consult the procedure described in the Domain Name General Policies, the Dispute Resolution Policy and the Regulation of the Dispute Resolution. This information can be found in our Dispute Reolction on .MX Domain Names (LDRP) Policy at our .MX Domain Name General Policies.

2. Accredited Registrar

What is an Accredited Registrar?

An Accredited Registrar is an individual or a corporation, accredited to distribute and provide management services for .MX domain names.

What is a RAR-ID?

Username or identifier assigned to each Accredited Registrar in order to access to their respective dashboard, EPP or database of .MX domain names.

How can I automate the registration of .MX domain names?

In order to facilitate the process of registering domain names between the Accredited Registrars and their customers, the Registry. MX implements the Extensible Provisional Protocol (EPP).

For more information we suggest you to send an email to

How can I obtain accreditation as a Registrar to distribute .MX domain names?

The requirements in order to join the .MX team can be found in the following link: Requirements to be a Registrar

You can also send an email to

Where can I find a list of the Registry’s .MX Accredited Registrars?
You can find a list of all the Accredited Registrars and their main information on Accredited Registrars
I cannot locate my Accredited Registrar by any means, what can I do?

We know the importance in the time of response to your needs. We suggest you to send an email to, afterwards the Registry’s .MX staff will get in contact with you immediately.

3. Registry .MX

What is the Registry . MX?

The Registry. MX, is the division of NIC Mexico, responsible for administering the territorial .MX domain name (ccTLD, country code Top Level Domain); two-letter code assigned to each country, according to ISO 3166, in this case Mexico. Among the main functions are to accredit and regulate the Accredited Registrars.

You can find additional information in About us

Where can I register a . MX domain name?

To register a domain name you should go with one of our Accredited Registrars, as they are authorized by the Registry .MX to register .MX domain names. You can find the list of Accredited Registrars in the “Accredited Registrars” section in our website:

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