5 tips to digitize your company

by | Feb 2, 2022

Although it seems that digitizing your company is a titanic task, the results are very significant, because your productivity levels will be multiplied exponentially, plus the effort to maintain them will be less.

Today the world and market conditions are changing forcing to leave behind the analog world for a digital one, so you can not wait any longer, your company must be digitally transformed if you want to adapt to the new conditions of this century so in this post we want to leave you some tips to start with this digital transformation for your company.


What is to digitize a company

When we talk about digitizing a company or a business, we are talking about a deep transformation because the goal is to achieve that each sector of the company increases its productivity and results with the least amount of resources, to meet this goal it is necessary to use digital tools.

In short, to digitize a company is to transform its routine tasks with technology and actions that make them more productive and efficient. So we can see this transformation reflected in several areas of our company or simply in the whole company.

As you can imagine in this transformation technology plays a major role, because it is at the center of everything, it is not just about implementing some software or a certain type of equipment, it is that for the organization of your company technology must be at the center.

If you are thinking about digitizing your business but do not know if it is for you or you think your business is fine as it is and does not need any transformation I invite you to review these signs that indicate that your business needs a digital transformation and if you are already convinced to take this step I invite you to read on because we will give you some tips to start with this important step.


1. Evaluate your company

Starting with a digital transformation can be very costly and involves a lot of work, so it is best to start with an assessment of your company, to determine how it works, how it is organized, which departments work best and in which there are areas of growth and above all you should evaluate what you expect as a result of digitization. Also, you should evaluate if there are already some tasks that are carried out digitally.

When you have well established the answers to these questions you can design a strategy to start the transformation little by little, you may not have to start from scratch because you have already detected some digital areas or you can start only for those that you consider of higher priority, no matter how long it takes, the important thing is that you start this process.


2. Attract new customers and retain the ones you already have

One of the main objectives of your company, no matter the line of business or niche to which it is dedicated, is surely to reach more customers, and digitalization can help you in this very important activity.

If you already have a list with the data of your customers, both frequent and not so frequent, then you have the necessary data to feed a Big data or artificial intelligence software that will help you with the task of marketing and advertising, as it will help you create campaigns focused on potential customers. In addition, they will provide you with data that will help you understand what are the consumption habits of your customers and potential customers, so you can understand why a product works or why it does not work.


3. New ways of working

One of the most important aspects that improve drastically when we implement a digital transformation is work, because in this area technology has implemented a number of tools that can improve the work environment in different ways, from communication and work management to implement and organize remote work.

An organization of the work of your collaborators that is more accurate and better focused can help increase productivity and results without burdening working hours or hiring more staff, so you can try applications such as Trello, Asana or Workzone; applications that will help you divide work by projects, assign tasks and review the progress of them constantly and effectively.

Another great benefit of the digitization of our company is that it allows remote work. Since the pandemic and confinement of 2020 we have learned the importance of remote work and when you have digitized your company you realize that starting with this way of working can be much easier and more productive than if your work model is traditional.

Of course, if you decide to implement remote work you will also have the possibility of hiring talent from other states or even from other countries, this can translate into a new vision of the activities, we could say that thanks to this your company will have a multicultural vision.


4. Increase your presence on the Internet

We know very well that the digitization of a company goes beyond having a presence on the Internet, however it is a necessary action if you want to move into the digital world, for this you already know that you can create profiles on various social networks or create your website.

The best thing about increasing your presence on the Internet is whether you only have a fanpage or if you also have a website, these will motivate you to continue transforming the company and digitizing more and more areas, for example customer service or advertising.

Talking about your presence on the Internet, it is important not to neglect the users who today are the majority group, we are referring to mobile device users, you should not forget to design a website that can be viewed perfectly from a mobile screen or from a tablet.


5. Digitalization considerations

Before you start transforming your company, it is important that you consider some challenges that may arise when starting this process. The first of these is the return on investment as this transformation can be very costly and the results are not usually seen immediately, so be aware that it may take time to see the benefits.

The next issue is, of course, technology issues as your IT team may have to be trained to learn how to use and manage new software.

You also have to think that if technology will be at the core of the organization you will have to start thinking carefully about the security of your devices, to avoid hacks.


As you can see, digital modernization is a transformation that goes beyond having a presence on the Internet or having a website, it is a process that involves all areas of your company, it may be a long and complicated task but it is worth it because in the end this transformation guarantees a longer life to our company, because we are ensuring that it is adapting to the new conditions. Tell us, do you know another strategy for the digitalization of your company?






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