5 tips to optimize SEO positioning

by | Sep 8, 2021

Don’t know how to position your website?

5 tips to get SEO on your side

If you have already decided to open your website, surely now what steals your sleep is how to better position your website. If you are in this situation, stay because here we are going to give you 5 tips to optimize the SEO positioning of your website.

Recently we talked about what SEO is and how it works, and we can summarize that SEO are the strategies for a website to appear in the search results, the ideal is to know the algorithm of search engines but this is impossible, so we only know some strategies that serve for search engines to better position your page and today we will see 5 of them.

1 Keywords

Keywords are one of the pillars of SEO, so you have to use them wisely, because the work does not end with the identification of the most searched words to use in your text. Recently Google has penalized the excessive use of keywords in a text, remember that for the search engine the most important thing is to offer pages with excellent user experience, a page with valuable information, quality and above all, clear! So, a page with a lot of repetitions of the same word is not much use.

The ideal is to use the keyword in a fair measure to keep the text clear, but that the search engine can understand what the entry is about. It is recommended to use between 3 to 5 times the keyword for a text of 1500 words, but it is best to install an SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast SEO that will help you improve the use of keywords in your entries.

What is recommended is to use the keyword in the title, in some subtitle. Also, SEO experts suggest that it should appear naturally in the first 200 words of your post and especially in the name and metadata of your multimedia content.

2 Clear and original content

Some years ago Google’s robot was not sophisticated enough to evaluate the quality of a text, that’s why it focused its attention on the use of keywords. You may have noticed that some time ago I could recommend a page that had very little text and almost every paragraph repeated the same keyword, even when the wording lost its meaning, the reason for this is that these were pages whose sole purpose was to pass their content as relevant content. However, today Google’s robot is much more sophisticated, capable of evaluating a text as a person would.

That is why nowadays you should worry about generating a relevant and clear content for whoever is reading it, of course you should still use keywords, but the introduction of these should read very natural. So, every post you write, think at all times about the person who is going to read it. Write with coherence and clarity and you will have a good part of the SEO done.

Of course another feature that the algorithm values is that the content of a page is original, because the search engine can penalize if it finds that your content is plagiarism, specialists suggest that you can use some quotes from other websites, because Google allows about 20% of similar content, if it detects a higher percentage will reduce your visibility by placing you in lower positions.

It can also reduce your visibility if your posts are similar to each other, so that this does not happen to you, the ideal is to have a good calendar for your blog or website, so you can evaluate if you are not publishing similar content in a very short period of time.

3 Use links

Another of the values that Google takes into account to value your page is that it has links to other pages on the Internet, or even to your website through other entries. It is important that these links are added from an anchor word or sentence, the best is that this anchor text is related to the keywords of your content, and that when reading it sounds as natural as possible.

It is also important that you link to web pages with high value and quality content, at least consider linking to a page that has at least 600 words of content and do not have an excessive use of keywords or links, basically directs to a page whose content you consider can provide extra information to your user and that is similar to yours.

It is very important that you constantly check that all links work perfectly and do not lead to a page with a 404 error, because Google could penalize you.

4 Optimize your website

We have already talked about the importance that Google gives to the user experience that your website provides, it is one of the most important aspects to position it in a better place. For this reason it is very important that your page provides the best experience and for this we will give you some points that you should be reviewing and correcting constantly.

Design: other occasions we have already talked about the importance of the design of your website to attract more visitors, as this is also taken into account by Google. So check that your page has all the sections in sight and with easy access. However the most important thing is that you check that the page looks good on a desktop computer screen, but above all it must be perfectly visible and compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, because as you can imagine today most people surf the Internet from their phone.

Speed on: other occasions we have already talked about that before launching your page check that it loads quickly, because no one likes to click on a page that takes too long to load, you can even cancel the load and return to search for the next search suggestion. Also, Google does not like this kind of problems, which in the end affect the user experience, when it detects that a website has problems to load then it positions them in lower places.

So constantly check that the page loads quickly especially after you make updates or install plugins. Ideally, your website should not take more than 6 seconds to load, for this the ideal is to remove the plugins you do not use and that all your multimedia content, such as images or videos are of high value but little weight.

Security. As we have seen on other occasions, having a secure web page is a fundamental aspect that you cannot ignore, because not having minimum security elements is also considered a bad user experience. As you know there are several ways to keep your website secure, but Google pays special attention to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) the green padlock that appears before the URL, which is responsible for encrypting all information shared on your website, not having it means that you will appear below all the pages that do have it.

5 Be consistent

The next tip may be the most difficult to follow especially if you are just starting with your page and you don’t see the results as soon as you expected, but it is very important that you generate content constantly, because this will help you to climb in the SEO positioning in many ways, this is especially important if you have decided to start a blog.

On the one hand Google stops recommending pages that have been without new content for a while, on the other hand the more you publish the more chances you have to generate views on each publication and the more visits you have the easier it is for Google to start recommending you in higher positions, because it prefers pages with more traffic.

Answering the question “how many times a week should I upload new content?” is a bit difficult, especially if you have a blog, many experts suggest that 16 posts a month increases your traffic 3.5 times more than if you make one post a week, but it does not mean that the more the better, because you have to prioritize quality over quantity, what is recommended is that no matter how many times you do it the important thing is that you are consistent.

I hope these tips help you to position your web page and, above all, I hope they encourage you not to give up and continue creating content for your site. Tell us, do you have any other tips to improve the positioning of a website?

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