8 Tips to improve the interaction and views of your reels

by | Aug 3, 2022

Reels are the content of the moment; short videos are increasingly competing for the public’s attention, that’s why they can’t be left out of your marketing strategy, and today we’re going to help you increase the interaction of your reels and of course the views.


Since the arrival of reels, Instagram changed the algorithm to give more visibility to reel creators, although the algorithm helps you gain more views it can be a bit complicated, especially if you don’t have much experience, but we hope these tips will help your content reach more people.

What are reels

Instagram is one of the most important social networks to reach our audience in a simple way, especially if your buyer is in the Z generation, so it is ideal for positioning our brand or our products, also, thanks to the fact that it allows you to make publications in different formats (reels, stories, ITV, photography), your marketing strategy can be more complete.

Reels are the content of the moment, as they are short videos, no longer than 90 seconds, which, unlike stories, remain fixed in your feed. You edit each video from the same application, adding stickers, signs or filters.

One of the great benefits of reels is that they appear in the explore section, which helps you reach users who don’t know you organically. Also, since you can post it on your profile and in your story, it is an excellent option to reach more people.


Reels on Instagram or TikTok

The function of both platforms is very similar, so you may be tempted to use the same content on TikTok and Instagram, but before you do, you can review the following differences, so you will get the best out of both platforms.

Without a doubt, the main difference is that short videos are all the content on TikTok. While for Instagram, Reels are just one feature, so if you don’t post it with the right hashtags, your video can get lost among more content.

Another big difference, perhaps the most important, is the length. On Instagram a video can last at most 90 seconds, while on TikTok it can be up to 3 minutes, even if you have more than a thousand fans you can create 5-minute videos. So consider this if you want to use your long TikTok videos on Instagram.

Tips to increase interaction on reels

There is no magic list that will make you go viral on the platform, but the following tips can reach more people, and the best thing is that they will help you get your audience to interact on your reels.


1. Create quality content

Influencers make the job of uploading reels to Instagram look very simple, but the truth is that it can be much more complex than it seems. If you are a new content creator you may feel the need to just talk in front of the camera, but you can do much more than that, remember that both Instagram and your users value quality.

One of the tools to gain more views is to use tags correctly within the description of each reel. You can use up to 30 tags, when there are two or more words write them together, without space.


2. Create content for your public

Because of the similarity with TikTok, for many people reels are about videos of people dancing, but the truth is that there are many formats and styles of videos that succeed on Instagram.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what type of videos to start uploading, you can search your competitors’ accounts to check what content is working best for them, also if they already have an idea of your buyer you can answer the question what kind of videos they like.


3. Ask for interaction from your followers

This seems one of the most desperate options, but it is one of the easiest ways to have engagement, it is about making a call to action in each reel.

Thanks to Instagram updates you can now add tags and text in your Reels, this will help you place that call to action, asking for a “like” or a “comment” in a fun way.

A call to action with an eye-catching text or tag inside the Reel is a great way to invite your followers to interact, but you can also do it from the description of the Reel, even from this part you can invite them to visit your website.


4. Use the audio trend

Being up-to-date on this social network seems like a task that forces you to be engaged in the social network for hours, but it is not so, luckily the trends in short videos in this easily identify them and the best thing is that also, you can copy them!

It’s just a matter of going to the add Reels section and selecting the music icon. Once there, it will suggest new audios that you can use without the need for a license.

If you are not completely convinced by the music it suggests, check the feed of your competitors to find out what music they are using and which one works best.


5. Use stickers

The most successful videos are those that visually attract more attention. A great way to attract more eyes to your video and without making major changes to the content of it is by adding a sticker.

Using stickers on Instagram is not like in any other application, here stickers are more than just fun images, there are special stickers that will help you improve engagement with your reel, we refer to the stickers of:

  • Now you: this allows you to propose a topic so that your followers can add a related video. To use it, select the stickers section, select “now you” and write the topic.
  • Poll: this tag allows you to assess the approval of your audience on a specific topic or even on a product, by adding it you can write a question whose answers are simply “yes” or “no”.
  • Questionnaire: this is ideal for measuring the opinion of your users on a certain topic, product or update that your brand has presented. Simply add the poll sticker where you can write your question and several options for users to select their answer.
  • Likes: this tag will help you count the “likes” your post gets.

6. Leave your audience with doubts

To use this technique, you have to be very creative, because it is not just a simple promotion of your product or service. In your reel you are going to describe your product and its best qualities, but leave the one you consider most important, title the video with it, but do not develop it.

At the end of the reel, send the description so that the user finds out completely, you can even place the link to your website, so curiosity will make him have an interaction with your video.


7. Use storytelling

Storytelling is one of the marketing strategies with the best results and there is nothing that attracts more attention than getting involved in a good story, so if you can create stories that are adapted to your products or services do not hesitate to do so, as this will help you retain your audience for a longer period of time.

An excellent way to use storytelling to generate interaction is to divide the story you are going to tell into several parts, so that each one incites the viewer to continue with your next reel. Just be careful to leave the end of each video with enough suspense for them to continue on to another.

In each video, you can ask for comments or a certain number of likes to continue the story.


8. Create contests

We have left at the end the most effective strategy. Making contests on social networks to improve interactions is nothing new and is a strategy widely used by both influencers and brands. Now you can take these types of contests to reels.

The most common is to offer one of your products or even a set of several of them, then the mechanics of the contest can vary: ask for photos using one of your products (this is the most common contest), you can also ask them to tell why they use your products, there are thousands of ideas!

The important thing is that you take the contest to the comments of one or more videos, so that the reel increases the number of interactions, so you can name the winner of the comment with the most likes, or the most original.


Instagram Reels are a valuable tool to know your audience and why not offer better services or products and certainly increase the interaction of your reels will help create a community around your brand, so you should focus on creating the best content for your customers. But tell us, which of the strategies we listed is your favorite.















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