Advantages of having a personalized email

by | Dec 16, 2020

Find out why it is so important that you take the time to create a personalized or corporate email and learn how to do it.

By now we all know how important email is for communication. However, some entrepreneurs and e-commerce owners have overlooked the role it plays in the corporate image of the business. In this post we will explain why it is important that you take the time to create a personalized email and how to do it.

Many people, perhaps even yourself, are using a free email account, provided by Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, for their business or project without knowing that they are making a mistake and can boost their business by investing in a personalized or corporate email address.

To understand the difference between a traditional email and a personalized or corporate email, first we must clarify that any email address is composed of two elements, the username and the domain name, both parts are separated by an @ sign.

In a traditional, free email account the domain name will be the one given by the mail provider, it can be Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook among others, plus an extension that indicates the place and type of mail such as .com, .net, .mx, among others.

While, in a personalized email the extension will have the brand name or the name of your domain. For example, if a library needs to create emails for each of its departments, it can choose to use accounts such as:,, but if it chooses to make a corporate or personalized email it would have addresses such as:,

Advantages of a personalized email

1. Improves your corporate image

Consolidating a solid and formal corporate image is one of the most important tasks when we venture into the Internet or if we have a digital business, because the web abounds in informal pages that often generate the feeling of danger among those who visit it.

Having an email whose extension matches your brand, or your domain name, is a great help to give your business the formality it needs. People know that to get a corporate email takes a little time and effort, as well as some money, so they will have the security that they are not dealing with an informal or improvised business.

2. Generates greater trust

Today, email is still the preferred means of contact for customer service, it is even more used than the telephone, so it will be easier for your business to generate trust among your customers and suppliers if you communicate with them through a corporate email.

3. Gives you more security

Security is a fundamental element during communication with your customers and suppliers and this is precisely another advantage of corporate emails, which usually provide features such as firewall, antivirus and anti-spam filters that allow you to protect the information shared through them from viruses or computer attacks.

4. Helps advertising

Having different advertising options for your business is always welcome and a personalized email account can work in your favor in that regard. While it is not a specific advertising medium, an email of this type can be more useful than a conventional one for two reasons:

On the one hand you can do email marketing, because to make campaigns of this type you need your mail to be linked to a server from which emails are sent to customers. It also allows you to organize your contacts in groups faster and more effectively than a traditional mail.

On the other hand, your sent emails will not become spam, as emails sent from this type of account are not usually classified as such, so you can be sure that your messages will always be in your customers’ inbox.

5. It’s easier to manage

Another of the most important advantages of a personalized email is that it facilitates management, since it allows you to order your contacts, create lists and classify them, so that in the end you can send the same email to each one. In addition, it facilitates communication among employees.

6. Forget about losing your mail due to bad spelling

It is very common that your customers or suppliers make mistakes when they write your email or the email of any of your employees. With a conventional email account this means that you will not get that email.

However, if you configure your personalized email with the catch all function, you will receive all emails with the same domain name, even if the user name is misspelled, so you can guarantee that all emails will reach you, as long as the domain name is correct.

How to get a personalized email

Now that you are aware of the importance of having a personalized email it is time to create your own. Here are some steps and tips to perform this necessary task.

The first thing you need to know is that you need two things before creating your email: a host and a domain.

The first one refers to a web server that supports several corporate email accounts; remember that the idea is that each department of your business has its own. Companies that are dedicated to web hosting can also offer you email hosting services, with an email service, for you and your employees that matches your web domain and where you can save files.

The second refers to the second part of your email, which is after the @ and can be the name of your company, plus an extension that refers to the industry of your business (.com, .edu, .net, .tv) or geolocation of it (.mx, .es, or .ar).

Before hiring the hosting, you must ensure that the domain you plan to use is available. Once you check that your domain is not being used you can hire the host, which regularly charges an annual fee and allows a certain number of emails with a domain.

An easier option is to create your email through conventional service providers, such as Gmail or Outlook. With them you also need to pay a fee, but you save yourself the trouble of searching for a host.

This option offers you an extra advantage, as creating a corporate email from scratch can be a little more difficult and it can take some time to get used to the interface, while using the plus services of commercial providers you already know the interface your email will have.

Once you have configured your email, don’t forget to place your address everywhere: business cards, social network profiles, digital and printed advertising, etc. Remember the importance of being in constant communication with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Tell us, do you already have a personalized email for your business or are you thinking of getting one?

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