Celebrate Mexican Creativity with .mxmania!

by | May 14, 2024

In Mexico’s vibrant cultural tapestry, fiesta, joy, colors and celebrations are fundamental elements that give life to our identity. And to honor this rich tradition of creativity and passion, .mxmania is born, a discount season that celebrates our passion for entrepreneurship and gives us the opportunity to take our ideas to the digital world with our own .mx domain.

Imagine for a moment being able to capture your vision on the web, share your talent with the world or take your business to the next level, all with the distinctive and recognizable .mx domain. That’s exactly what .mxmania makes possible!

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.mxmania is much more than just a discount offer; it is a celebration of Mexican innovation and creativity. During this special season, we offer you the opportunity to register the domains you want for incredible prices, check them out here, from May 1st to June 30th!

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