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by | Jul 7, 2021

In this guide we will teach you the 7 steps you must follow to start advertising your business or project with Facebook Ads.

If you are starting a business, one of your main concerns should be advertising and for this, social networks are the best option. However, you must understand that not all social networks have the same results, so it is important that you choose the platform that gives you the best reach. Today we want to give you this guide to advertise on Facebook, so stay because below we will give you the reasons why this is the best social network to advertise your business.

Facebook is the king of social networks because it has the most users in the world, its metrics range around 1,500 million users and 900 million daily visits. Currently there are more than 300 million companies that have discovered its potential to position their brand, so they have transformed Facebook into the basis of their social media strategy. In addition, another great advantage is that an advertising campaign on this network extends to other networks such as Instagram and Messenger.

If you want to take advantage of the potential of this social network for your business but don’t quite know how, keep reading because here we will teach you how to advertise on Facebook from scratch.

Steps to use Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook Ads Manager is the tool with which you can create your campaigns and ads easily and intuitively, you can access it from the profile of your fan page. Before going through the step by step, it is important that you have clear that you can have three types of campaign in this tool: increase the visibility of your brand, gain prestige or generate sales, which can be increasing the percentage of conversions.

1. Create your Fan Page

The first step to take advantage of all the potential that Facebook has for you and your company is to create a Fan page, since it is your gateway to the marketing tools of this social network.

If you still don’t have a Fan page and you only manage your company’s profile from a conventional account, it is important that you open one, because the advantages of this type of profiles over conventional profiles are enormous, for example your number of followers is unlimited and you can choose who you want your paid publications to reach, as we have said before it is the door to the ad manager. If you want to know more reasons to open this profile you can check our post about it.

2. Login to Facebook Ads

Once in your profile, the next thing you have to do is to enter Facebook Ads, this can be done in two ways: one is by entering your Fan Page and going to the create ad button located on the left bar of the window, or you can enter directly to Facebook Business and selecting the create ad button.

3. Choose the objective of the campaign

The next step is to choose the objective of the campaign, for this Facebook will display a list with 11 options, among which are: promote your publications, promote your page, attract people to your website, increase the views of a video, generate leads for your business, reach people who are close to your business, among others.

4. Set up your audience

The next step is one of the most important to achieve the success of your ads, since it is about establishing the target audience. For this, you have to have a clear focus on who your ideal customer is.

But do not stay with just one type of customer, or with the archetype of customer you have profiled, especially when you are starting, it is best that you decide to direct your advertising to several groups of people, so you can start to measure and compare the success of your campaigns. Luckily, Facebook allows you to segment your audience in 3 different ways:

  • Targeting by interests: Facebook allows you to generate a specific audience for your ads, to achieve this you need to start from specific interests, for example if your business is makeup you can indicate that the audience is women between 18 and 60 years old, who give likes to pages like yours.
  • Custom audience: this type of campaign is aimed at users that you already know and that you know are potential customers and therefore you can show them specific ads. The information of these customers is obtained from databases, for example with email lists, telephone numbers or Facebook IDs; it is also obtained from web traffic statistics. It is an audience with which you can have safer conversions, however having this database can be a time-consuming process.
  • Similar audiences: to use this type of targeting you must have previously generated a personalized audience, since the goal is to reach an audience similar to the audience that you have already identified or that already follows you.
5. Define your budget

The next step after choosing your audience is to define the budget and for this Facebook has options for all budgets, because you can define the duration of your campaign and the way you want to pay for it. For this you have two options: Bid per thousand impressions or bid per click. That is, decide if you pay every time your ad reaches a thousand clicks or if you pay every time someone clicks on your ad, the latter option gives you the assurance that people have not only seen your ad but also clicked on it.

6. Create your ad

After determining the target, the audience and the budget it is time to create the ad. The main thing is to design an ad that is eye-catching enough to attract the attention of your audience, so remember to use, in addition to text, images, video and music. In addition, there are some technical elements that you must consider so that you can upload your ad to Facebook:

  • Title of no more than 25 characters
  • Create a description for the ad, no longer than 90 characters.
  • Make sure that the text in an image does not exceed 20% of the space.
7. Monitor your ad and analyze your results

The last step after uploading your ad it is important that you measure the reach and how it is performing in order for it to be as successful as you want it to be. Luckily, Facebook has the tools to monitor each ad in detail, as it has metrics on how many times an ad is seen, how many times it is clicked on and relevant scores.

Commercial manager

If you had already tried to create a campaign on Facebook or had already done some research on the subject, then you will know that from the platform there are two ways to advertise, the one we have already detailed Ads Manager and through the Commercial Manager. If you do not have very clear what is the use for each administrator here we will tell you what the differences are.

The main difference between these administrators is that the ad manager can be used through a user and for a single Fan Page, while the commercial administrator can be used through an account and for several Fan Pages, which may or may not be related to each other, i.e. the latter is the ideal option if you are going to carry advertising for other people or companies or if you have several Fan Pages related to your business.

As for the way to use and upload advertising both administrators are used in the same way, in fact the platform is physically very similar, for many experts this is because at some point it is expected that Facebook will unify them.

As you can imagine creating an advertising campaign on Facebook is very intuitive and the same platform takes you step by step to do it. So, if you still haven’t tried to advertise on this social network, don’t waste time and take advantage of the benefits it gives you!

Now tell us, do you think Facebook is the best network to launch an advertising campaign?

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