How to be a leader?

by | Jan 25, 2024

Keys to be a good entrepreneurial leader

In the world of entrepreneurship, the ability to lead work teams is vital to achieve success. However, not all entrepreneurs know how to do this task in the best way. In other words, not all of us were born knowing how to be a leader, this can become a big problem because effective leadership is essential for success in the entrepreneurial world. Being a good leader not only boosts productivity, but also fosters a positive and motivating environment.

That’s why today we want to share some of the keys to transforming yourself into a leader who leads his or her team to success and not a boss who leads his or her team to frustration.

What is the difference between a leader and a boss?

Perhaps we are used to taking the words boss and leader as synonyms, however, in reality there is a big difference and as an entrepreneur you should understand why your business needs a leader and not a boss.

The first major difference between a leader and a boss is authority. A boss understands that he is somehow on a higher hierarchical level than his employees and therefore has authority and the ability to give orders, while a leader understands that he is not above his employees, so he calls collaborators, although he knows he has authority over them, he does not exercise it in an authoritarian way.

A boss only designates tasks to his employees, directs the work based on control and authority, while a leader guides his collaborators and focuses on them having a common goal, basically directs the work by example, is able to inspire others and guide them by example.

Businesses that have a leader instead of a boss, regardless of the type of leadership they exercise, are more likely to progress, because those who work there have a high level of commitment to the company and work for a common goal.

1.- Maintain clear and effective communication.

Undoubtedly, one of the key characteristics for the proper functioning of an enterprise is communication. A good leader communicates clearly and effectively. Start by establishing clear and achievable expectations and objectives, share the vision and provide clear directions. Encourages open communication to build an informed and engaged team.

Create safe and constant communication environments, even if you have several collaborators, you can do it, for this a good idea is to create newsletters or bulletins where details of business reports, objectives and news, also be sure to add congratulations and recognition to employees. On the other hand, you can implement suggestion boxes to listen to the voice of your employees.

2.- Be empathetic

Empathy is a powerful tool, so one of the most important characteristics to become a good leader is to be empathetic. Understand your team’s needs and concerns. Show genuine interest in their perspectives and experiences.

A person who understands and empathizes with his or her team members is a person who will easily gain their respect and therefore will not have to give orders or have constant supervision with the team.

Being an empathetic leader also means that you must be aware of the challenges and difficulties that your collaborators may face in a given task. Although surely, you will have strategies and protocols to overcome them, as a leader you must understand that not reaching goals in certain circumstances does not mean defeat, inspire this same resilience to your employees to reduce frustration.

Another reason why an entrepreneur must be empathetic is because he must encourage this quality to his collaborators, especially those who deal directly with the customer. Remember that offering an excellent shopping experience to customers can be a determining factor for a business to prosper, and there is no better way to do it than with an empathetic and understanding service to their needs. They say that the best way to teach is by example, so demonstrate good treatment to your employees so they can demonstrate good treatment to their customers.

3.- Create a cooperative environment

A leader, unlike a boss, cares about the work environment and a cooperative and harmonious work environment has better results than a team where competition is the only incentive.

Encourage equality and respect among team members and foster an environment where everyone feels safe and at ease. Recognize your employees’ achievements and efforts to reach goals. Working under these conditions stimulates performance and productivity, and in the end this is reflected in the results of your business.

Establishing these conditions can be complicated, but there are several strategies you can implement to improve the work environment such as meetings and meals for everyone to get to know each other better, you can also designate a space in the work area to allow employees to socialize and relax.

4.- Work on your emotional intelligence

Being a committed entrepreneur is not an easy task, facing the challenges of a business can exhaust you emotionally, especially if you have not worked your emotional intelligence, in this regard you can read some books on self-improvement and leadership that will help you in this aspect.

A good leader can know and balance his emotions, so he can make decisions that are not affected by impulse. Before any problem keep a cool head, evaluate the situation and the resources you have at hand to solve it, especially do not hesitate to ask for help when things are not so clear.

Being an entrepreneur means facing challenges and unforeseen problems, but do not freeze in front of them, the best example for your team is to have a leader who faces challenges and does not shy away from any obstacle.

5.- Delegate responsibilities

Many entrepreneurs tend to fill themselves with a lot of work because they expect everything to be perfect, just as they need it to be, however, this attitude can cause them to overload themselves with work and stop paying attention to important areas.

One of the most important tasks to become a leader is to learn to delegate, as it will help you to have more time to dedicate to more complex tasks, it is also the best way to recognize the individual strengths of your team and delegate responsibilities accordingly.

Delegating tasks to other collaborators encourages autonomy and empowers team members to take on leadership roles, in the end it will not only help you to have more time, but you will also have a team of highly qualified collaborators.

Listen to each member of your team, many times they may have ideas and solutions for their day to day work that you have not thought of, and that, if implemented, can improve the work in that and other departments.

6.-Learn constantly

Successful leadership involves a constant commitment to learning and improvement. Stay current with leadership trends, seek feedback, and look for opportunities to grow.

Entrepreneurship often involves constant change. Lead with a positive mindset in the face of uncertainty, foster adaptability and guide your team through transitions with confidence.

Being a good leader in the entrepreneurial world is not just about authority, but about inspiring and guiding others to success. Cultivate these qualities and practices to build strong and effective leadership in your company. Tell us, do you know of another quality a leader should have?

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