How to have an online store with a high conversion rate

by | Apr 14, 2021

Discover how to increase the conversion rate of your online store and thus make more sales.

There is nothing more frustrating for online store owners than to realize that they have a good number of visits but very few of them end up in a purchase, because it means that you are doing a good job in advertising your brand but for some reason you’re not making the sales you are looking for.

Increasing the conversion rate, i.e. the percentage of visitors who perform some action, sometimes seems a very complicated task and maybe you think you will have to change your entire website, but don’t worry because today we will give you some simple tips on how to have an online store with a high conversion rate.

1. Ask your close circle

One of the quality controls we have at hand and also for free is family, friends and acquaintances. Although they are not experts in the world of online sales, you can ask them to enter your store as a regular customer so they can give you their opinion, tell you whether or not they were inspired to buy from it. In addition, they can give you their opinion about the process, if they consider it slow or complicated. They can tell you those little details that you can only see with the vision of a buyer or user of the online store.

2. Build trust

One of the reasons why people enter your store, browse through the product descriptions and even save items in the virtual cart, but do not finally make the purchase, is that at some point in the process they did not have enough trust to make the purchase.

There are several things you have to do to gain the trust of your customers, in fact we have a post entirely dedicated to this. The first of them is that from the product description you clearly inform prices, fees and shipping costs, announcing any extra fee at the time of payment can completely discourage visitors from purchasing the product.

Another reason why visitors do not end up buying your products is the payment. In this situation there may be two problems; the first is that there are still many people who are wary of online shopping, to help you gain their trust you can install a sales protection insurance like Norton. The second problem you have to solve is the payment method; many times we only accept credit or debit cards, however nowadays most of us are moving to other financial institutions, and if you do not accept other forms of payment such as PayPal, Mercado Pago, or even cash or deposit, you could lose customers.

Another way to gain the trust of the customer is making clear the return policy, from before making the purchase clarifies whether or not you can return the product you do not like or have any problem with the item you bought what are the refund and return policies.

3. Simplify the purchase

One of the most obvious reasons why we do not have the conversion rate we want, but sometimes we forget, is that the process of selection, purchase and payment is very complicated. Remember that on the Internet minimalist pages are more successful, so you should take these precepts to your store and check that the process that goes from selection to payment is simple, without unnecessary complications, but above all intuitive.

4. Design a landing page with high conversion rate

As you may remember, landing pages are a type of web page, usually completely independent from the main website, whose main function is to attract potential customers. It works when someone clicks on one of our ads and this directs them to a simple page where we offer something in exchange for giving us data such as your email. Often this page is the first contact that a person has with our business.

In short, they are an excellent option to present our business, but you can also design them to help you have a higher conversion rate. The first thing you have to do is to offer a valuable product for the person who decided to click on your sponsored ad, it can be a technical document, a free book, a coupon, a registration for a seminar or webinar, you can even offer a physical object such as free samples or small gadgets.

For landing pages to increase the conversion rate we recommend you to make some changes, especially in the design. The best thing to do is to make them more attractive and simpler with concise and engaging information.

Another fundamental element to achieve more conversion is the call to action, or CTA, which is basically the message you are going to use to convince the visitor to accept your promotion, after filling out a form with their information.

5. Make sure you reach your target audience

Sometimes one of the most important reasons why you fail to increase the conversion rate of your online store is that your advertising is not reaching the right audience, because maybe you have the wrong profile of your target consumer. In order for you to evaluate if you have made a correct profile, evaluate the following of your ideal customer:

  • Demographics: Identify how old, what their ethnicity is, what their gender is and where they may be located.
  • Aspirations: One of the important parts that your business must satisfy is the aspirations and needs of your customers, think about how your products can help solve them.
  • Challenges: It is also important that you think about what challenges your customer may face in acquiring your product and how you can solve them, for example offering more payment methods or offering credit.

In addition to profiling your ideal audience, it is important that you are aware of trending topics, to do this you can use Google Trends to see what trends your products can fit with. You can also get help from social media to see what topics you can use to your advantage.

6. Add testimonials

We have already seen how important testimonials about your products are for your online store. Think that many of us, before buying something, like to ask for opinions about it and if we buy online we also look for opinions through this medium. That is why it is so important to include testimonials in your online store where you will have more control over what is said about your product and where your customers can know from a real person everything they want to know about your products. In the end, thanks to this, a customer with doubts can be convinced to make the purchase.

7. Create retargeting and remarketing campaigns

The last tip is perhaps the one that can bring you the best results and it is about creating a campaign with customers who visited your website but for various reasons did not make a conversion. To do this it is best to do it from Google Ads and the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

The next tip is to do remarketing with email marketing reminding your customers who did not complete the purchase the advantages of buying your product, you can also include a coupon or offer. This will give you a very high conversion rate, but you have to be careful not to be too insistent with customers.

Increasing the conversion rate may seem a difficult task and you can easily feel discouraged, but think that increasing even a small percentage, for example from 2% to 3%, implies a significant increase in sales.

Tell us, what you think an online store needs to achieve a higher conversion?

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