José Torres, but for his friends “Pepe Towers”.

by | Jun 7, 2022

My name is José “el Pepe” Torres, but everyone knows me as El Pepe Towers. It was really bad to be fired, but after the bitter pill, I realized that maybe this was what I needed to make a living. I realized that maybe this was what I needed to make a living from what I love most: taquitos.
I took the money out of the mattress, put it together with my liquidation and was able to buy what I needed to start my changarrito. That’s how Tacos Rascacielos was born. Rascacielos, I named them after my last name and because you either aim high or you don’t even shoot at your business.
I’m not going to lie to you, at the beginning I was a little scared, because I didn’t know what was going to happen or if it was going to work. The first few days a lot of people were dropping by,
I guess also to lend a hand to their napkin, but after that it was as empty as a desert, so I talked to my godson “El Andrew” to ask him for advice, because he knows all this Internet business stuff.
That guy gave me a hand, he opened an “Instagram”, a “facebook” and the “whatsapp business” and that’s when I got more clients and little by little my taqueria was growing. But something was missing… it’s like when you don’t have any lime to put in your taquito, just like that. I talked it over with Andrew and he told me that in order for my “business” to tie up well, I should put his web page on it. Man, that guy is a real piece of work! I hadn’t even said “frog” to him and he had already jumped all over me, he came to me with my
double u, double u, double u, double u, dot, tacos, skyscrapers, dot MX” page.
I thought that websites were “dot com” but Andrew told me that .MX is for Mexican businesses, like my taquitos. But Well, once I got my .MX page, it changed my game… it was great! Now, not only the locals from the block come here, but also from other neighborhoods. even gringo tourists have come to eat my taquitos “made in MX” because they saw them on the Internet.
We have been doing so well that “Andrew” is doing his best to go all out and now he is moving to the web so that people can order from our page. page, you can see that it is “trending topic”.
Thanks to “Andrew” and my MX domain on the Internet, today Tacos Rascacielos is at the top.
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