Marketing strategies for 2021

by | Feb 17, 2021

Discover the marketing trends that will help your business succeed in 2021.

2020 was a complicated year that brought great changes in all aspects of our lives and especially in the way we do business; and everything seems to indicate that this year will continue the same. Last year we had to change without knowing very well how to do it.

However, this year we have more tools and experience to face it better, so today we bring you the marketing strategies for 2021, which you can put into practice, to get better results in your business.

1. Emphasize safety in your brand image

The pandemic continues and more and more of us are getting used to the “new normal” with all the sanitation measures it entails. That’s why hygiene must play an important part in brand image. Showing yourself as a company or business that follows healthy distance measures and is concerned about avoiding contagions among its employees and customers is an important part of your marketing strategy, especially to build trust among your customers.

This strategy is useful in all businesses, but especially in those whose niche markets are food, tourism, hotels and pharmaceuticals and in general all those that involve person-to-person contact, this strategy will be indispensable.

2. Consumption at home

2020 was the year of the massification of online consumption and this year is not expected to be any different. Therefore, your business strategy should focus on encouraging home consumption and improving your home delivery service. Of course, your marketing strategy should highlight this quality of your business. You can even make offers on home delivery service, which will surely bring you new customers.

3. Virtual events

It seems that mass events will be the last to return to a live format, so for this year virtual events are still a must. Take this opportunity to include them in your marketing strategy, either to introduce a new product or service or to announce a major campaign.

One advantage of organizing virtual events is that they can regularly be less expensive to organize than a conventional event.

4. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising has been one of the most recurrent marketing strategies in recent years and this 2021 is not far behind. Unlike traditional advertising, with programmatic ads you are not buying advertising space, in fact you are buying audience. That is to say, instead of paying to pass your ad a number of times a day, in a random place, your ad is shown only to your target audience.

In 2021 this type of ads will be one of the smartest ways to invest in advertising, because you can use it in different media.

5. Wearable advertising

Wearable technology gadgets, or wearables, are devices such as smartwatches or smart clothing, which can deliver valuable statistical information about who wears them. This feature makes them the perfect space to offer programmatic advertising.

6. Advertising on streaming platforms

Another space that is ideal for programmatic advertising are streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + as they also have important and detailed statistics about their consumers, so ads can easily reach their target audience.

7. TikTok

TikTok was the social network of confinement and is still the social network that registers the most new users, so you don’t want to be left out of this phenomenon. So, for this year you must include this social network in the planning of your marketing strategy for this year.

In addition, it has the huge advantage that it is not a network very saturated with advertising, so it is easier for users to pay attention to your ads.

8. Audio ads

There are some studies that show that millennials and generation Z prefer audio content to videos, because they get bored easily by the saturation on the screens, this partly explains the rise of podcasts. Because of this, consider using audio ads for platforms like Spotify, which even launched Studio Ads as an advertising solution.

9. Google changes

Google has recently made some changes in order to offer better advertising strategies. These changes come in different directions, from the disappearance of cookies to the creation of a micro video social network to advertise products.

The end of cookie use had already been done by other browsers such as Firefox and Safari and this year Chrome says goodbye to third party cookies as well. This in order to implement new technologies that allow us to continue collecting data about users, but without invading their privacy.

With these new updates Google also improves shopping intelligent campaigns, combining them with remarketing, i.e. with intelligent campaigns focused on achieving sales among those who visited us without buying something.

Although it is still in its infancy, Google has launched a new application called Shoploop, which focuses on advertising products in short videos, like TikTok, and selling them directly in this application.  For now, it only focuses on makeup and beauty items.

10. Shoppable TV

The boom of streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video has turned them into new and valued spaces for advertising, because they have statistics that allow you to make programmed advertising, taking your ads to your target audience.

However, shoppable TV goes beyond this type of advertising, because it tries to offer the user a much more instantaneous, easy and friendly shopping experience, because basically it is about shopping directly from the TV or device in use. Through different techniques, such as the implementation of a QR code or with a secondary purchase window. This type of advertising has been on the rise for some time and this year it is expected to continue to increase, so it is best to plan this type of advertising for your business.

11. Stories

Instagram stories are here to stay and take over other social networks, in 2020 this ephemeral publication format reached Twitter and LinkedIn, which in the case of the social network of the little bird are called Fleets. Therefore, you should pay attention to this type of content and not be tempted to create stories for everyone, as each social network has a different dynamic.

As you may have already guessed, the new marketing trend in recent years is focused on offering segmented advertising. This is possible thanks to finer and more specialized analytics, which can deliver more detailed information of Internet users.

However, although in principle this type of advertising seems to generate better results, with fewer ads, you should not neglect the options with a more general diffusion, because there is always the possibility of finding customers in another type of audience. The best thing is to have a hybrid marketing strategy for this year.

What do you think of these strategies? Do you think 2021 will be a very different year in terms of advertising and marketing?

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