SEO on TikTok: How to position your videos

by | Mar 5, 2024

5 basic tips to rank on TikTok

Master the algorithm and make your content stand out in seconds. Discover the key strategies to increase your visibility, engagement and followers on the most popular video platform of the moment.

Tik Tok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with millions of daily active users. For content creators and brands, leveraging the potential of TikTok to increase visibility and reach is crucial if they want to stay relevant.

An effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy can make all the difference in the visibility of your videos on this platform, so here are some tips on how to improve the SEO of your videos on TikTok.

Why is SEO important on Tik Tok?

Until a few years ago appearing at the top of Google searches was everything, however social networks have gained ground in digital marketing and more and more people are looking for the solution to their problems on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Of these, especially TikTok is positioning itself year after year as the favorite window to the Internet of the young and not so young public.

SEO in TikTok consists of making your content more visible, in other words, to appear as a search result. Search engine optimization strategies on TikTok will help your videos reach your target audience and not get lost in the sea of videos that is this platform.

In addition, a well-structured strategy can help you appear in Google results and generate more visits to your profile or online store.

1. Keyword Research

As in any other platform, keywords are a fundamental pillar to position any content. So, if you want your videos to reach your target audience, it is important to research keywords relevant to your niche or industry. Remember that your goal is not to go viral, as you will have better results if you direct your efforts to reach your target audience.

Use keyword research tools to identify popular terms related to your content. Although, TikTok does not offer a special tool to search for them, you can help yourself with the search bar as it can give you some very useful suggestions. Also, you can check your competitor’s profile to get an idea of trends that may be useful to you.

Once you have the keywords it is important to incorporate these keywords in your descriptions, titles and hashtags to increase the visibility of your videos and reach your target audience.

2. Profile optimization

On TikTok, as on any other social network, our profile is very important, because it provides valuable information to visitors, and it is especially useful if you want to attract new customers.

Make sure your TikTok profile is complete and optimized. This includes a clear and concise bio that describes who you are and what kind of content you share. If you already have an online store be sure to include a direct link to it, this ensures that potential customers will quickly find the products they are interested in.

Also, it is important to use relevant keywords in your username and in your profile description to improve visibility in TikTok searches, this way you make sure that your profile comes up in searches related to your brand.

Specifically, your profile must be very clear in the following sections:

  • Username: this is the name that is accompanied by the @, it can carry your brand name and it is not necessary to modify it by a keyword.

  • Nickname: this is the name that appears in your profile, it is not followed by an @, so you can use a keyword and if necessary, over time modify it to adapt to current trends.

  • Biography: this is one of the most important elements of your profile, here you must add keywords, it is also the ideal section for users to get an idea of your brand, so you can write your value proposition.

3. Use relevant hashtags

As in other social networks and Google, hashtags are a fundamental part of SEO as they tag the content to then classify and recommend it. Use relevant and popular hashtags in your videos to increase their visibility in search and on Tik Tok browse pages. Having a list of relevant hashtags in your niche will also help you appear in Google search results.

If you need to, you can also create your own unique hashtags to promote your content and encourage community engagement.

4. Publish and optimize quality content

One of the keys to success on any social network is to be consistent, so you can set a schedule to post quality content on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged and increase your visibility on the platform, plus TikTok gives preference to accounts that post regularly over accounts that post only occasionally. If you are looking for inspiration, you can find it in popular trends and challenges to increase the reach of your videos and reach new viewers.

Optimizing the description of each video is crucial for the Tik Tok algorithm to be able to recommend you, we recommend paying attention to the following elements of each video:

  • Description: in each publication it is important to spend some time to create a clear description, with popular keywords for our niche market, as well as attractive and organic. This description will help the algorithm to recommend you and will give information to the public about who you are.

  • Use hashtags: hashtags help TikTok to tag content, so it is important that you include them in the description of each video you upload. Try to use the keywords and hashtags most searched by your audience or niche market; this way you will help your content reach that specific audience that is really interested in what you offer.

  • Use audio to your advantage: audio on TikTok is as important as the video itself, so we suggest you use keywords in the audio description, as it is an effective way to reach more audience and go viral, as TikTok allows you to share the audio and use it in other videos.

  • Add text: adding text within the video can be a powerful tool to attract the attention of the audience, and it is also an opportunity to use some keywords that you did not use in the description.

5. Interact with your audience

Another feature that Tik Tok evaluates is the interaction between accounts, so interacting with your audience is essential to build a strong community on Tik Tok.

Respond to comments, follow your followers, and participate in challenges and trends to increase participation and engagement with your content. This can also improve your ranking in Tik Tok’s algorithm and increase the visibility of your videos.

In summary, SEO on TikTok is critical to increase the visibility and reach of your videos on this platform. Use relevant keywords, optimize your profile, use strategic hashtags, post quality content on a regular basis and interact with your audience to improve your ranking on TikTok and achieve success as a content creator. Tell us, do you have any other tips to go viral on TikTok?

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