The best apps to create a logo easily

by | Apr 28, 2021

We present you two types of platforms and apps that you can use to easily design the logo of your business or project.

A company’s logo is as important as the web domain, since it is the graphic representation of the brand. Many times, your logo is the first thing people will see in stationery and marketing items such as cards, letterheads, brochures, website, avatar in social networks and advertisements, so it is very important that the logo makes you stand out from your competitors, so that it does not get lost in the sea of similar offers.

It is best to invest in hiring a professional, or a group of professionals, to take care of this important task in the best way, but all of us who are starting out know how difficult or impossible this can be at the beginning of our business.

So today we bring you a list of the best apps to create a logo easily. We have divided them according to their purpose, first we have the platforms that give us a logo already made with information that we provide. Then, we have the platforms with which we can draw, so to speak, our logo according to what we have in mind.

Platforms to generate logos

If you cannot hire a professional to design your logo, do not worry because luckily nowadays there is a wide range of applications and websites that can do it for you, many of them are paid but there are many others with free versions. Also, they can serve as inspiration for you to create your own logo or to make a particular logo for a certain product.

1. Looka

It is an online design tool with which you will be able to create customized logos using artificial intelligence. Creating your logo using this tool is very easy. You start by entering the name of your company or brand, and Looka uses AI to generate a variety of custom logo designs from which you can choose your favorite. On the platform, you can also find a variety of editing tools that will help you create a unique and attractive design in just a few minutes.

2. Logaster

It is one of the most popular and professional applications, you can get it for free for Android or you can use its web version. As if that were not enough, it is also super simple, you just have to write the name of your company and a slogan or a phrase that represents your business and when you enter Logaster gives you dozens of logos, among which you can choose your favorite, to filter results you can select the line of your business, for example fashion, animals, agriculture, among others.

3. Zyro Logo Maker

This is more than an application, it’s a website that helps you create a logo in less than two minutes, totally free of charge. Unlike other applications or websites, with Zyro Logo Maker you can change every single part of the logo. From the size of the text, to the shape, size or color of the shapes used, everything so that the design adapts perfectly to your business or company. Besides, it has a logo generator with Artificial Intelligence, so you can be sure that the options it gives you will be attractive for your customers.

4. Logo Genie

This is a simple logo generator tool available on the web, with which you can get a professional and eye-catching logo in a couple of minutes and in just 5 steps. With Logo Genie you only have to choose from the list of categories the one that best suits your business, write the name of your business, choose the design you like the most, customize your logo and download it. When you customize you can change from the color and typography to change the main icon.

5. Free Logo Services

This is another logo generator platform very similar to the previous ones, it is available on the web. Free Logo Services generates several logo options, based on some preferences you have selected, such as orientation or typography. It works in four steps: enter the name of your company, choose the design and preferences (such as typography, colors, orientation and type of logo) and finally you just have to choose and download. It is an excellent option if you want to participate a little more in the design of your logo.

6. Design Evo

It’s a platform available only for Android or iOS devices. Unlike other platforms in this list, in Design Evo you can use hundreds of predesigned templates that you can modify to customize them, changing fonts, adding elements, symbols or figures.

7. Mikons

Mikons is not like the other platforms on this list, it’s more like an online community of designers and enthusiasts where you can share logo designs. So, with Mikons you can search and download a logo that can be applied to your brand designed by a professional, of course then you can also customize it using another platform for it.

8. Tailor Brands

This is a very complete platform available on the web, as in other platforms of this type, in Tailor Brands you type the name of your business or company, choose from the proposed designs and download. However, the big difference is that this platform is paid, about $ 6 for a single month or $ 3 per month for a year, but believe me this price is well worth it.

It works with an assistant that asks you what fonts, logos and colors are the ones you like, from these answers an algorithm can generate several logos from which you can choose, as an added value you can download versions of the logo ideal for social networks.

Platforms to create your own logo

If you are one of those people who want to have everything under your control and therefore you like things to be just as you planned, then you probably already have your company’s logo in mind. If this is your case, keep on reading because here are some applications that can help you create your logo from scratch, respecting the design you have already planned.

1. Logo Foundry

It’s an application that allows you to create your own logo because it offers you a wide range of symbols, shapes and icons packages that you can use to take the vision you have in your head to paper.  In addition, Logo Foundry allows you to export images or transparencies that you can then use in the logo. This app is available for Android and iOS.

2. Logo Maker

This is one of the most popular applications because it has a great variety of graphic elements and tools that will help you create your logo from scratch. Logo Maker has an important collection of shapes, symbols, colors, backgrounds and textures, as well as several text functions, so you can design the logo of your dreams. This app is available for Android and iOS.

3. Canva

Canva is an excellent platform to design your logo, it is one of the most famous and complete options, as it also allows you to edit photos, so you can take advantage of this feature to create a logo from an image.

4. Logo Gratis

This is another platform available on the web, which allows you to design your logo from scratch. Although it is the least complicated and less aesthetic option on this list, Logo Gratis is the easiest to use and this is its strongest card, it even has several tutorials that teach you how to use it. Besides, on this site you can download the logo quickly without having to register as it usually happens with other free sites.

5. Online Logo Maker

This is another online platform, maybe the most complete one, you can choose among hundreds of shapes, typographies, symbols to which you can change the color. Unlike other platforms, with Online Logo Maker you can download the logo you created quickly and without further complications, but if you create a user on the platform, a totally free option, you can save your projects to edit them later.

Any of these options can help you to have a logo for your company quickly and at a very low or free cost, but no matter which one you choose, always keep in mind that a logo must be legible, timeless, unique and functional.

So, no matter if you design it yourself or you choose it on a platform, if your logo meets these characteristics you will have guaranteed success when using it.

Do you know another app or website to generate logos that is not on this list? Let us know on our social media.

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