Tips to make money on Google AdSense

by | May 4, 2022

Today we have a post what is of interest to bloggers or those who want to monetize their website, because today we will understand how Google AdSense works and how to make money with ads on our website.

If you have a website or a blog and want to earn some money with it or if you are a blog writer maybe you have already heard of the Google AdSense program but if you are not yet enrolled or do not know if it is for you, read on because we will show you some tips to monetize your blog or site with this platform, so that you value if this is the best way to make money with your content.


What is Google AdSense ?

If you have your own blog, and you don’t know how to make money with it then the Google AdSense program may be for you, because it is Google’s strategy to place ads on websites, of course the owner of the site receives a percentage of the payment of those ads.

In the words of Google AdSense itself chooses the best ads for your website, relating them to your content and your readers, these ads are paid by companies that want to advertise, payment can be per click, per thousand clicks and per interaction.

It is important that you know that making money with Google AdSense is not exactly making money passively, the truth is that you have to work hard, so that your page can get several ads, plus many advertisers prefer to bid for ads per clicks, forcing your blog to have a considerable number of readers.


How Google AdSense works

The system is very popular, not only because it is from the Internet giant, it is also popular because it is a very easy to use platform, as you only need to register as a user on the Google AdSense website.

Once you have signed up, Google provides you with a code that you must insert in all your content so that the ads appear on your website. Every time your readers click on one of the ads you will get a part of what the advertiser has paid.

Even though it is a very simple way to earn money by advertising on the Internet there are blogs or sites that can take advantage of this business model, more than others, so in the following lines we will explain who can earn more and which sites not so much.


Is Google AdSense for my web?

Unfortunately Google AdSense is not the best way to monetize a website, in fact if you have a corporate website you should definitely stay away from AdSense as much as possible, because having ads outside your niche market can be counterproductive and bore your readers, although you can always put them.

To have income in Google AdSense, you need to have a considerable amount of traffic. Digital marketing specialists suggest that the best websites to use Google AdSense are the ones with unqualified traffic, that is, traffic that nobody seems to want and people who are not looking to spend their money. It seems a contradiction, but below we will explain why these types of websites are the best for this program.

The website or blog dedicated to a specific niche, that help to solve doubts and that have achieved a considerable traffic, can monetize their content in two ways with affiliate marketing or with the AdSense system.

If your blog has achieved a high and constant traffic the best thing you can do is to sell products related to the niche you are dedicated to, either directly or through affiliate marketing, but if you can not, or you are not interested in selling any product then you can take advantage of monetization with Google AdSense.

Which are the best niches for monetization

Choosing a niche is the first step to start earning with this platform so you have to take into account the low competition and the volume of visits you may have, it does not work for example if you only have a few websites as competition if only 100 people a month are going to search for this content.

If you are new it is best to start with a micro niche, which can then be expanded to something bigger so there will be people interested but little competition; then if you continue working on the content of the blog you can take that micro niche to a macro niche, as you gain traffic.

For example, if you want to write about crafts, the best you can do is not to write about all kinds of crafts, focus on something very specific, for example crafts for children, or recycling, or wood or fabric and create only content of this type, then as your site grows you can go covering more types of crafts.


Types of bids in AdSense

Google AdSense works as an auction system, this means that clients compete with each other for ad space. The higher the prices for your space go up, the more your income goes up, that’s why the earnings depend a lot on your blog’s niche.

Advertisers can pay in three different ways:

  • Pay per click (PPC): in revenue model the advertiser pays for each click received on your ad, as you can imagine this revenue is easier to perceive than a pay per conversion, because you don’t have to convince to buy the product, you just have to place a banner and wait for your readers to click on it.
  • Cost per millon (CPM): in this model the ads are paid per million impressions, that is to say, the client will be charged when his ad reaches one thousand views. It is a very similar model to the one used in television or radio.
  • Conste per Interaction (CPI): with this model the advertiser only pays if they have interacted with the ad, for example if they watch a video.


How to place ads and tools to do it

Fortunately, with Google AdSense you have full control over the placement of ads on your website and for some time now you can place more than 3 ads per publication. There are several plugins you can install on your blog or site to place ads. Below, we present two of the most complete and free plugins:

  • AdSensei B30: is a WordPress plugin that allows you to place ads wherever you want. It is different from other plugins because it allows you to place an ad after an H2 or H3 title and also allows you to make a different format for PC or mobile device.
  • AdInserter: another plugin for WordPress its most important advantage is that it allows you to present the ad as a fake menu, which helps you to attract the attention of your readers.


What you must take care of is to configure your website so that if it is opened on a mobile device does not appear immediately an ad of 300 x 250, because Google does not allow it. There is no problem if this type of ad appears on the desktop version.


How to earn more with Google AdSense

All the monetization of this business model depends on generating high traffic on your blog or site, so the increase of your income will depend on the increase of traffic, so your work will depend on this.

If you are still not getting the traffic you would like, here are 3 tips that can help you increase it.

The importance of keywords

If you already have a blog, and you want to generate more traffic, the best thing to do is to start writing your content looking for keywords with low competition, but with high search volume, or at least with more than two thousand searches. This will help you position your content faster, because you guarantee that a good percentage of those searches will go directly to your website. To locate these keywords use Google’s keyword planner, once you have identified a word, search for it directly in Google with the command “Allintitle:” so you will know how many entries are using it. This helps you to measure the competition for each keyword.

Create global content

Sometimes we do not know what is the reach that our blog can have, and we assume that we have a short reach geographically, assume this is a mistake, remember that your content is on the Internet, so it is very easy to reach various parts of the world, it is very important that you create a global content, so it will be easier for your site to attract the attention of advertisers from other parts of the world.

Link building

Definitely to attract more traffic to your blog you need to implement SEO strategies, one of them, we have already seen, is the use of the right keywords, the other that we are missing is the creation of link building, ie looking for other pages and your own content redirects to your blog posts. The best way to achieve this is to enter pages similar to yours and leave valuable comments with links to your content.


Now that you know what Google AdSense is and how it works, tell us, are you interested in using it for your blog?

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