Top 10 Mexican brands

by | Jul 28, 2021

Today we’ll show you the most valuable and strongest brands in Mexico.

If you want to know which are the 10 most important Mexican brands, stay and read, because today we are going to review this list, considering their value, reach in their market niche and their activities abroad.

Many of the companies we are going to see today have been present in Mexican society since the beginning of the last century, because they have grown and evolved according to the needs of their customers.

Even today, despite the pandemic, brands such as Pemex or Claro continue to appear in the lists of the most valuable and important brands in global rankings.

1. Pemex

The parastatal company was created on June 7, 1938, by President Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, it was established as a company for exploration, exploitation, refining and transportation of oil and natural gas of Mexico.

Since 2017 it has positioned itself as a valuable brand, according to Brand Finance, with a value of $9,010 million dollars.

2. Claro

Claro is a brand focused on telecommunications service founded in 2003 by the company América Móvil (in position of Grupo Carso, along with Telcel, Telmex and Telsites). You probably know it because of its majority shareholder Carlos Slim.

This is one of the brands on the list that has spread throughout Latin America and Mexico and there are several reasons for its success such as coverage, innovation and service. This company is so important that it is ranked number two in the list of the most valuable companies in Mexico and 347th in the world ranking, according to Brand Finance.

Its current value is estimated at around $5,931 million dollars.

3. Corona

The Mexican beer brand was released to the public in 1925, manufactured by Grupo Modelo, which in turn is currently part of the multinational AB Inbev. Corona has won over the public not only at a national level, since its branding strategy and creative marketing campaigns have made it have an international presence.

This company has remained in the public’s taste thanks to its ability to reinvent itself and adapt to the new needs of its public. It is not for nothing that today it is one of the most valuable brands in the country with an estimated value of $4,006 million dollars and an average annual growth of 17.2%.

4. Telcel

The next company on the list is another communications giant, Telcel, a Mexican telecommunications and value-added company that is part of América Móvil. Its origins can be traced back to 1981, as a telephone service for automobiles. It was not until 1989 that the company transformed itself into the company we know today.

Innovation, coverage, technological development, continuous improvement and support for sports and cultural events, as well as its social responsibility, have kept Telcel as the most important cell phone company in Mexico.

The current value of this company is currently estimated at $3.225 billion dollars.

5. Bodega Aurrerá

In 1958 Bodega Aurrerá opened its doors to the public, at the time it was the second retail chain to open in Mexico, and although today it is owned by Walmart, this company is still considered one of the most important nationwide.

There are two reasons why Bodega Aurrerá has remained in the taste of the Mexican public. The first and most obvious reason is its low prices, since this chain has always been concerned with maintaining competitive prices every day.

The second reason is that it has been concerned about being close to its customers, which is why of the 2,369 Walmart stores in the country, 1,830 are Bodega Aurrerá.

The current value is between $3,757 million dollars.

6. Grupo Bimbo

This is another international company of Mexican origin, founded in 1945. It is so important that it can easily hold the title of “the largest bakery in the world“. There are many strategies for this company to be worth $1,973 million dollars today.

One of the key strategies for its success is the acquisition of its competitors, that is to say, the acquisition of companies dedicated to the food industry, both inside and outside the country. Of course, the wide variety of products is also an important factor in its success.

It is currently gaining more importance due to its interest in using renewable energy for its production.

7. Cemex

Cemex is one of the largest companies in the construction industry. Its history began in 1906 and from that date to the present it has positioned itself in the taste of the Mexican public. The truth is that it owes its success to many causes, among them is the generation of loyalty in its customers, both B2B and end-consumer customers, it also owes its positioning to its innovation and to being a socially responsible company.

Cemex is currently estimated to be worth 2.29 billion pesos.

8. Oxxo

The largest Mexican convenience store chain was founded in 1977, today it is part of Femsa. To a great extent, it owes its success to faithfully following its logistics of only renting land and not franchising, which allows them to have a faster cash flow without making a strong initial investment.

Of course, what is most striking about this company is its ability to penetrate Mexican society, and it seems that we have an Oxxo store on every corner; in fact, in the north of the country there is one store for every 4,000 inhabitants, while in the center of the country there is one for every 14,000. Today its value reaches $1,888 million dollars.

9. Gamesa

The next company on the list is also related to the food industry, we are referring to Galletería Mexicana, known as Gamesa, which today is worth $1,431 million dollars, with a growth in recent years that has grown by an average of 38%.

The variety and quality of its products, the alliance with a multinational company such as Quaker and building trust with its consumers have positioned this brand as one of the most important at a national level.

10. Orbia

The last company on the list probably doesn’t ring a bell, but Orbia, formerly Mexichem, was founded in 1953 and today has commercial activity in 120 countries. It is a community of organizations that are especially dedicated to polymers, such as PVC, infrastructure and construction materials. It is currently positioned as one of the world leaders in PVC.

Its growth and international positioning are due to its policy based on return-oriented acquisitions, in addition to its significant investment in research and technological development.

In spite of the fact that Mexican brands show good numbers and have remained strong in the face of the contingency, the truth is that they still do not stand out in the ranking of the most important brands worldwide.

For many analysts, the main problem is that these brands have focused only on local and regional consumption and have not made the leap to serve the international market.

However, today we have seen how many of them are making their way into other countries, which means that we will continue to see how some Mexican companies achieve presence in other countries.

What do you think of this list, do you think we left out any Mexican company?

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