What is a landing page and how can it be used to increase my sales?

by | Jan 15, 2021

If you are wondering what a landing page is and how it can help you with your business, keep reading, because here we will answer those questions.

If you have decided to start a digital business or started selling products on the Internet you have probably heard of landing pages. If you are wondering what a landing page is and how it can help you with your business, keep reading, because here we will answer those questions.

A landing page is a type of website that aims to capture the contact information of the visitor, so this page optimizes the sales prospects. In a nutshell, it is a page where there is an exchange, where the customer gives personal data such as name, location, age and email in exchange for a product or service, such as an eBook, a pass or a webinar.

Then, at the end of the day what you get from these pages is a lot of information, which you can use for your marketing strategy, in addition to other benefits that we will now see.

Benefits of a Landing Page

Of course, the great advantage of a landing page is that it is an excellent way to convert visitors into potential customers, but it has many others, such as:

  • Return on investment. Making a landing page does not imply a lot of investment or work, because you have to focus on the design of just one page. There is not much investment but there is definitely profit.
  • It highlights the characteristics of the product or service. Because it is not a very complicated page and it is only dedicated to one product, there are no distractions for the customers and they can learn more about the product or service than they would on a traditional website.
  • Better user experience. This type of pages are well valued by visitors, because the navigation on them is not cumbersome and they always get something in return, which helps them return once again to your brand or business.
  • Complete statistics. Thanks to the information in the contact forms we can find out who our information is really reaching and what we can change to improve our marketing strategy.

Types of landing pages

Landing pages are built around a specific objective, as content is the backbone of this type of page. A page designed to sell a product in digital cannot be built in the same way as a page created to register for an event, so here we describe the characteristics of the four types of landing pages, so you can choose the one that best suits your business.

1. Landing page for direct sales

This type of page is the most common, and you may have already come across some buying a product. Their goal is to sell you a product or service or to offer you a free trial period and then close the sale. The most important thing in these pages is to describe a product in a suggestive way to motivate its purchase.

2. Landing page for event registration

The goal of these pages is to convince visitors to attend an event, especially a webinar that you organize. Thanks to them and the contact form they provide, you will have an idea of how many and who will attend.

3. Landing page for lead capture

These types of pages are intended to retrieve information from visitors through a contact form. Regularly, to make this type of page work, users are encouraged to leave their information in exchange for a free coupon or eBook, for example. The information you get from these pages can be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns.

4. Landing page for tracking

This type of page is used to thank users after they subscribed or registered for an event. As it is only a thank you message, it is very easy to think that in the end it is a wasted page, however you should not underestimate its importance, because it is a great ally to generate a good relationship with the customer.

5. Viral landing page

The content of this type of page is the most complicated, because the intention is that the page is shared massively among users of different social networks. To achieve this goal, they try to arouse curiosity around a product, they regularly use games or funny videos, which help to attract attention, but the writing remains a fundamental part.

How to access a landing page?

It doesn’t matter how well our landing page is designed or that the copy is suggestive and impeccable if people don’t access it. In the sea of content that is the Internet, you have to stand out from your competitors to attract the attention of your future customers and that is why it is very important to determine how your customers find and access your landing pages.

There are two options for this:

Within a website. It could be that your landing page is inside your corporate website or you online store and thus the traffic you generate on your website will be the same as the one that sees your landing page. This is an ideal option if your web presence is already consolidated, as it is more difficult to position a page of this style if your web is new.

Microsite. The other way to access a landing page is through an independent website or microsite. This type of page is oriented to the capture of leads. Because of its characteristics, it is ideal for new businesses. However, its development takes more work, as it needs to contain all the information to motivate the user to fill in the form. Also, it has to use SEO strategies to position itself in Google search results, and you can even make an extra investment and use paid media or SEM strategies.

Elements of a landing page

If you have already convinced yourself to implement a landing page in your marketing strategy, you should know that there are certain characteristics or elements that it must have in order to be successful. These elements are:

  • Introduction, in this part you explain what you are offering and the benefits of acquiring it. For example, if you are going to offer a course, in this part is where you explain the content of the course and its duration.
  • Photo or video, adding any of these visual resources is a fundamental part, because it attracts the attention from your customers and they can better appreciate the products or services you are offering.
  • Social proof or testimonials is the part where you add the positive comments and opinions you receive about your product or service. This part is not indispensable, but it helps a lot to convince your audience.
  • Call to action, this is the part where you have to use all your creativity because you have to motivate the customer to buy, hire or sign up. Usually, it works well to announce a limited or unique offer.

Also remember to add, in small print, a legend letting your customer know that you are collecting his or her data, to avoid legal problems with the use of personal data.

Now that you know what a landing page can do for your business, it’s time to get down to work and start earning sales leads. Remember, to emphasize polished, clear and simple content that can delight your visitors.

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