Why a .mx domain will help me to have a better positioning in Google?

by | Mar 3, 2021

Discover the advantages that a .mx domain brings to your web project and how it can help you obtain a better positioning on search engines.

Every day it is easier to see websites that have dispensed with the .com extension or the geolocation in the domain name and you may think that some of these extensions are already over and you are thinking about registering a different one.

This post will show you that the territorial extension is still an important part of the domain and specifically, how a .mx domain will help you rank better in Google.

Where is your market?

Before deciding whether or not to put the geolocation extension of your business, you need to ask yourself how much you are interested in appearing in the search results of other countries and if you can offer something there. For example, if you have an online store you should ask yourself if you are interested and can sell outside your country. Following this example maybe you are only interested or can only offer your products in Mexico.

If you are interested in covering a global market, or at least an international one, then you should focus on implementing less specific and more global SEO strategies, so a .com might be the ideal extension for you.

On the contrary, if you are only interested in the national market, even for the moment, the best thing you can do is to focus and center all your tools on positioning yourself in the national search results and acquiring a .mx domain will help you to position yourself in the Mexican search results.

What is more convenient a .com.mx or a .mx?

It is time to dedicate some time to decide if it is a good idea to include the .com in your domain extension or on the contrary it is better to only register a domain with the geographical extension, in this case .mx.

At the beginning URL extensions in Mexico could only be purchased with a .com.mx, but with the passing of time and the evolution of technology not only in our country but globally it became easier to register shorter domains, dispensing with generic extensions such as .com.

In Mexico for some years now you can choose between registering your domain as .com.mx or just as .mx, but maybe now you are wondering what is the difference between both and which one is better for my business.

Remember that the .com extension was originally used for commercial companies, but nowadays it is a generic domain that does not have any restriction anywhere in the world, as long as the domain is available you can use it.

If you add a geolocation extension to .com, such as .mx, it starts to have certain territorial limitations, since it is a domain specific to Mexico.

As for the advantages, we can say that thanks to the disuse of the URLs ending in .com.mx, it is easier for you to find the domain name you want as available, besides it is cheaper.

In spite of the advantages of .com.mx it has a very clear disadvantage for the positioning of a web, because when including them in the domain you end up with a very long URL, which can be difficult to remember and goes against SEO strategies.

On the contrary, a domain that ends exclusively with .mx can be more complicated to find available, due to the boom of this extension. In addition, some registrars may offer it more expensive than a .com or .com.mx. However, the extra investment can be well worth it if we consider that the main advantage of this extension is that you get a better positioning in Google search results, especially when it comes to local searches.

On the other hand, you have a much shorter and easier to remember URL, which is a plus point for SEO strategies.

Identification as a Mexican page

Maybe it doesn’t seem so important but having a domain with a .mx extension helps you to present yourself as a Mexican website.

Having the extension, .mx presents you as a national page, a Mexican web; and maybe you don’t see any advantage in this, but if you put yourself on the side of your visitors a page with this characteristic generates a certain degree of trust, because somehow you know that they understand better your needs and they are in the same communication channel.

If it is an online store, as a customer you have more security that your order will arrive faster because it is a national order, while there would be a certain degree of distrust if you do not see the .mx because it is easy to think that it may be a page from another country.

What do I need to register my .mx domain?

Registering a domain with the .mx extension is very simple and there are very few requirements to be fulfilled. They can be registered in the name of entities or individuals; the requirements will depend on whether the domain has another extension.

Thus, for domains that exclusively have the .mx extension the process is quite simple and you only need to fill out the form with the updated contact information, just like any other domain. The same happens if you want to register a .com.mx.

On the contrary, it is a little more complex if you need to register a domain with extensions such as: .org, .edu, and .gob. If you want to register an organization with .org.mx you must submit any document that validates you as such.

The domains that need to be registered as .edu.mx need to submit the registration with educational authorities, such as SEP or Conacyt, letter of the educational institution and official identification of the legal representative.

In the case of federal government institutions or state government, to register a .gob.mx domain you need to submit a letter of the Mexican Government entity, signed by a legal representative, the appointment of the person signing the letter and the identification of the legal representative.

Internet service providers that need to register a page in Mexico with the .net.mx domain will have to submit the registration with the telecommunications authority (IFT), a letter on company letterhead and signed by the legal representative, as well as an official identification of the person signing the letter.

In summary, getting your domain with a .mx extension is the best option for Mexican projects and businesses, even though it implies a slightly higher cost, because Google will give you priority in the search results for Mexico.

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