Why do I need a web domain?

by | Aug 4, 2021

3 reasons to have a custom domain

If you have already decided to enter the digital world you surely have many doubts about it and one of them is why do I need a web domain? If you also have this doubt stay because here we will give you 3 compelling reasons that explain why it is important to have your web domain.

Today we are not only going to see why it is important to have your own domain for your website, we are also going to learn what it is, how it is formed and how to choose the best one to enhance your website.

What is a web domain?

In a simple way we can define a web domain as the name of a web page. All web pages and websites have an IP address that is unique and helps browsers to find a specific page, this address is composed of a succession of numbers and letters. This form of page recognition can help browsers a lot, but it is very complicated for us users, that is where domains become important because they are the presentation of this IP address for the common user, with names and abbreviations that are easy to remember.

How is a domain name formed?

Surely you have noticed that the addresses of a web page have, besides the name of the page, some abbreviations, this is because the domain is made up of two parts: the name and the extension. The first part is not very complicated because it refers to the name of the company or person of the web page, but the extensions can say much more.

Broadly speaking there are two types of extensions, a general one that gives you an idea of the type of web page, for example .edu for school or educational pages or .org for organizations or the more generic .com that started for companies, but today agglomerates several types of pages in more general. On the other hand, there are the geospatial extensions, which tell you the country where the page is registered, for example .mx for Mexico or .es for Spain.

Why do I need a custom domain?

As you can see all the web pages have an address, that is to say a domain, so if you are interested in having a page you are going to have a domain, but there is a very important difference, because there are free domains and there are custom domains that are paid.

The first are domains that as its name suggests you do not have to pay for it, they are regularly assigned when you create a website through free services such as Wix or WordPress. While the second ones, are domains that you have to register and pay a fee to use that name, the differences go beyond the cost, because the free domains start with the name of the provider followed by the name of your page, for example http:// wordpress.com /libreriadomicilio.com; while, the registered domains start directly with the name of your page, http://libreriadomicilio.com. This is the big difference why you have to invest in your own domain name. Here are some reasons why this will bring you more benefits.

1 Reliability and security

Having your own domain name gives a certain level of security to your visitors, because you show them that they are entering a serious site, a formal site, so to speak. Entering a page with a free domain regularly generates a bit of distrust, especially if you need to make monetary transactions or leave personal information because with this type of domains you cannot install security controls against viruses or information theft.


An own domain is the first step to start with search engine optimization or SEO strategies, since it is easier for search engines to place in the first positions pages with custom domains than pages with free domains that start with WordPress, Wix or something similar.

In addition, you can access Google Analytics tools to evaluate your web presence, with this we get valuable information such as visitor behavior, consumption habits, among others that you can use to your advantage to improve your marketing and advertising strategies.

When choosing a custom domain it is important that you define beforehand if your market will be at a global level or if you only expect to have a national presence, if so it is best to include the extension .mx in the domain name, this way you ensure that your page will appear in local search results. Not doing this puts you at a disadvantage because it will be more difficult for search engines to contact your potential customers.

3 Increase your presence on the Internet

Nowadays we all search for everything on the Internet, so it is very important that your business or company is present on the web. Many entrepreneurs believe that it is enough to have a social network, but having a website gives you more benefits, that is why it is important that this website has a custom domain. In addition, you can put this address in all your social networks or business cards, this will help people to know better your proposal and your brand.

Tips for choosing a good domain name

Since we have already established that a domain name is one of the first steps to achieve an organic positioning in search engines, however, to achieve a better result you have to think about how to make your domain name simple and attractive to users. Here are some tips for you to choose the best name:

  • Simple name but one that identifies you. Experts say that a short and easy to remember domain name gives better results, and if you cannot choose exactly the name of your company, choose something that identifies you with it.
  • Choose the most appropriate extension. As we have just seen, domain extensions are the letters that go after the name you have chosen, for example .com, .mx, .edu, or .gob. The most important function is that they identify the nature and location of your page. Some of these extensions you can use without further requirements, such as .com or .net. However, if you want to use extensions such as .gob, .edu or .mx, you must meet specific requirements such as proving your identity or official registration as a government entity or school. As for geographic identification extensions, it is always best to use them, especially if you have a local business because this will give you a better position in search results.
  • Verify that no one else is using the name you want to use. Nowadays there are millions of websites and it is not complicated at all that the name you want to use is already being used by another page, that is why it is important that you make sure before registering it to have the time to change it, to check the availability you can just search the name in Google and if it appears then you have to look for something new or you can track it in a domain search engine like Godaddy.

As you can see you can’t have a presence in the digital world if you don’t have a web domain, so hopefully this post will make it clear to you why you need a web domain, especially a domain of your own. So you can not waste all the advantages of having your own domain, but first tell us, do you think there are more reasons to have a web domain?

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