Why do schools need a website?

by | Feb 24, 2021

Discover the advantages that a website brings to schools and other educational institutions.

Today we are all present on the Internet in one way or another, either through a profile on a social network or through a website. For businesses and institutions, it is the best way to let the world know about you. In this sense, schools of any kind should not be the exception. Today we want to show you why schools need a website.

No matter how big or small your school is, having a website will give you advantages you can’t afford to miss. When we think of school websites we only think of the websites of large universities or higher education institutions. However, this does not mean that schools of different levels do not need a website. Especially private schools, which have to take all the advantages to position themselves ahead of others.

Here are some of the main advantages of having a website for your school:

1. It gives you visibility

A website is the best way for the world to get to know you. Imagine the visibility it will give you to appear at the top of Google search results when a person searches for a school with characteristics like yours.

Schools that have a website can put such basic but important information as educational levels, educational model, means of contact, curricula, history, mission, facilities and other information that helps you to solve the doubts of those who are just getting to know you. A well-designed and attractive website will help you position yourself in front of your competition, which in the end translates into attracting future students and gaining enrollments.

2. Project an institutional image of good educational level

In recent years, technology and education have become an inseparable duo, and quality education is increasingly associated with a type of education that relies on cutting-edge technology. In this sense, the school image you should project to the outside world is that of a technology-savvy, cutting-edge institution. A well-designed website can project the image you need.

It is useless if your educational model includes programming classes, robotics and several hours of computer classes per day for students if your website looks unprofessional, outdated, simple, or often crashes; it is worse if you do not even have one, because the image that this project is that of a school that does not provide enough interest in new technologies and the Internet.

3. It helps to attract new students

Today we look for the answer to all our questions, concerns and problems in Google, and of course, looking for our future school or a school for our children is no exception. That’s why it’s important for your educational institution to have a website, because it’s the way those people can reach you.

Even if someone wants to enroll with you on the recommendation of friends or family, they will most likely end up visiting your site to evaluate for themselves aspects such as location, facilities, costs and educational model.

The task of showing yourself to potential students on the Internet does not end with having a page, because what you should do is to focus on the design of it. Your site should show basic information such as: educational levels, history, mission and vision, educational model and contact information. It is also important that you add a detailed gallery to show your facilities. These features and an excellent design will help you project an image of formality and high educational level that will surely help you convince future students to enroll with you.

4. Digital educational tools

One of the advantages of a website for your school is that you can incorporate digital educational tools.

This feature is highly valued by parents because, after the confinement due to COVID-19, the educational world had to make use of different platforms for remote education, so nowadays this kind of technologies are in a central role in the teaching and learning process.

In addition, you can have better control over online class sessions if you hire services such as Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom and create institutional accounts for your teachers and students.

5. Contact space for parents

There is nothing that parents value more than constant and fluid communication with their children’s school, especially those who have children in preschool or elementary school. A website can help you with this process because you can create a special section for announcements, where you can inform parents about school meetings, outings, field trips, festivals and other school events.

In addition, you can create a database with contact information for each parent so that you can communicate with them in case of an emergency.

6. Communication channel between students and teachers

If you create a website with institutional e-mails for students and teachers, they will have an extra communication channel, where they can answer questions and doubts. Assignments, homework, due dates and exam dates will also be updated automatically. In addition, urgent announcements can be made without having to be physically present in the conventional classroom.

It also generates a new communication channel between student-student, so they can share opinions, information about classes and work, but it is also very important because it is a good way for managers to have a fluid and constant communication with teachers, to save time in educational planning and organization of events.

7. Streamline administrative procedures

Another important advantage of having a website for your school is that through it, parents and students can carry out administrative procedures and save the time of doing them in person. This feature, too, is highly valued especially now after the confinement forced by the COVID-19.

In addition, it is also an advantage for your administrative workers, since having a database of parents and students to do online procedures can help them save valuable time.

Many sites even create virtual spaces for administrators, teachers, parents and, of course, students. Teachers can view their class schedules and official information on planning, technical advice and so on; parents can download their children’s report cards; and students can view their schedules and download didactic material.

8. Create identity and a sense of belonging

For private elementary and high schools, a website in conjunction with social media can help you create a sense of identity among your students. On the website you can upload pictures of competitions and festivals organized by the school. Also, you can open a blog where you can encourage students to write about their experiences and day-to-day life at school, to help them feel identified with their school and that they are part of a community.

In conclusion, nowadays any educational institution of any level needs a website. Having a digital presence gives schools invaluable advantages, especially in such a competitive environment as private schools. In addition, all educational institutions in Mexico can request an .edu.mx domain for free. Find out how to get it here.

Tell us if your educational institution already has a website and your experience with it.

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