Why do you need copywriting strategies in your business?

by | Apr 6, 2022

If you are starting with your venture surely there are several terms that you do not know completely, surely one of them is copywriting, but do not worry you came to the right place because here we are going to explain what is copywriting and how it can help you with your marketing strategy.

In 1996 Bill Gates said “content is king” this phrase sums up perfectly the importance of words not only to sell your products and services, but also to make your brand known by more people, this is what copywriting is all about.


What is copywriting?

Incredible as it may seem, the term copywriting began to be used in the year 1300, it is a compound word that comes from Latin copié which means to copy and precisely the term was used to describe people who copied texts by hand, 600 years later the word copywriting was coined.

Today when we talk about copywriting we are talking about a persuasive writing technique that induces the reader to perform a specific action, its main objective is to write to sell, but it also serves to differentiate your brand, get leads or generate engagement, so sometimes it is often known as copywriting.

It is curious to think about the transformation that the word has undergone, because in its origin it referred to the act of copying by hand texts from others, while now people who practice it have to think of an original content.


Why is copywriting important for my business?

Copyright or persuasive writing has been with us for several centuries, we could say that with the emergence of newspapers and the industrial revolution many brands saw the opportunity to become known through them.

One of these brands is Backin yeast. In 1891 August Oetker, a pharmacist, developed a powdered yeast which he called Backin, of course nobody knew the product, so he thought that in addition to offering the product to stores, he could print recipes on the back of the yeast wrapper and also publish them in local newspapers. In this way he was able to show his potential customers all that his product could do. Another example is the magazine “The Furrow” which was first published in 1895 by John Deere a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, it taught farmers how to do the job more profitably and easily, in short John Deere located its target and their needs, put himself in their shoes and helped them solve their everyday problems; Of course he also talked about his machines but in a subtle way, thanks to this he managed to position himself as one of the brands that today remains a benchmark in agricultural matters, by the way the magazine “El Surco” is published today in 14 languages and is distributed in 115 countries.

With these cases you can realize that content marketing has existed since before the internet, today the methods have been polished and the channels are varied, however its effectiveness in generating conversions is still unsurpassed.

In summary, copywriting has the main objective of selling and attracting, capturing and maintaining the attention of a target audience in order to generate visibility or sales, that is why it is important for your business and for any marketing campaign.

If you want to know how to apply these strategies for your business keep reading because we will give you some tips below.


Types of copywriters and tips on how to use them

Over the years, but especially recently, copywriting has expanded so much that it is used today in all market niches, and it has also become specialized depending on the media to be replicated, but the objective is the same: write to sell. Here are the most used types of copywriting and how you can apply them to your business.


Copywriting for social networks

Content marketing in social networks is essential for any brand because today more than ever the potential audience is in social networks and that is why it is important to have a presence in them. This does not mean that it is enough to simply open a profile, the idea is to capture the reader’s attention by standing out among all the content that appears on them.

Each social network is different and requires specific strategies to succeed in it, however here are some general tips that you can apply in all your social networks.

Storytelling. We all love stories, once we start reading one, it grabs us and we don’t want to stop until the end, so use the power of storytelling to position your brand. Tell a story in which you can naturally introduce a product or your brand.

Be forceful. In most social networks we don’t have much space, as we do in a blog, for example. In addition, when we browse social networks we are used to flashy and short content, that’s why your content should be short and forceful. It is very important that you make sure to write a striking and powerful first sentence that will help you capture attention.


Copywriting for landing pages

Landing pages are exclusive pages for sales or data collection. They are independent pages, where the user has to interact with them to finally make a purchase or leave their data. Creativity is your best ally here, since they are pages that have to attract attention at first glance and without being too saturated, so the best advice for copywriting on a landing page is to focus all the content on a single objective and also to keep the content brief and clear.


Copywriting for products

Nowadays more and more people buy online and there are also more e-commerce offers, so it is important that you use the power of copywriting to stand out from the competition. Your product descriptions must be captivating enough so that the final consumer ends up buying what he/she has put in the cart.  The best copy to sell a product is the one that demonstrates that the product can solve the needs of your buyers.


Copywriting for your website

Your web page is the equivalent to the physical business of your company and many times it is the first contact with potential customers, that is why you must make sure that you have the necessary information inside your site to get to know you. All sections of the site are important but you should pay special attention to the welcome page and the “About us” page because the content should be simple but impactful and orderly, this way people can better understand what your business is about and what you can offer, remember that you must present yourself as the option to solve their needs.


Copywriting for blog

Copywriting for blogs is one of the most effective copy because it is simple and attractive, it also generates content that gives value to consumers and other users. Every post on your blog can be an opportunity to rank on search engines like Google. The best advice for the copyright of your blog is to be clear, interesting and offer them extra information of your niche, for example if your business is a fashion e-commerce then it is best not to write about your products, but about what are the seasonal trends, what are the colors that will be worn during the summer what is the favorite designer of the celebrities and in them you can subtly offer your products. In this way you will create a community that will read you constantly and will gradually get to know your products.



Neurocopywriting is not an application in itself, but rather a trend derived from neuromarketing. While it is true that all copywriting is persuasive writing, with neurocopywriting we are talking about applying the right writing techniques based on how our nervous system reacts to them.


Hire the right professionals

If you already have the budget to hire professionals in your company then the best thing to do is to put together your marketing team giving the right tasks for each professional. It is very common for companies to confuse what a copywriter does with a social media manager or a community manager. It is best to have a team with each of these professionals with well-defined tasks so that your marketing strategy works in the right way.

Remember that the social media manager will help you design a strategy to publicize your brand, while the community manager will create a community around your brand and through social networks; while the copywriter will write the different contents for your products and your brand in a persuasive way. If you look in detail, these three professionals have very specific tasks and complement each other.


Copywriting goes beyond using impeccable language and perfect writing, it is about finding the way to connect with whoever is reading you to convince them to follow your brand or buy. Now that you know what the function of copywriting is, tell us if you have detected these strategies in the brands you consume.





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