Registry MX and WIPO simplify the LDRP process

by | Aug 7, 2019

Registry .MX and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) have digitally transformed, the process to solve domain name disputes for intellectual property in Mexico.

Have you ever been or heard about a case where a trademark domain name is being disputed? To solve these cases, Registry MX has appointed WIPO as the referee for the resolution of disputes for intellectual property on the Internet.

All people who consider their rights affected (promoter) and wish to request the cancellation of the registration or the transfer of registration ownership for a .MX domain name, can do it using this process in the following case:

When the domain name is identical or similar to a confusing degree in relation to a registered brand of products, registered commercial notice, record of provenance, or rights reserved, over which the promoter has rights; and the holder has no rights or legitimate interests to the domain name; and the domain name has been registered or is used in bad faith.

In order to solve this dispute an arbitrage process is established, during that process evidence or proof could be presented by both parties: the promoter and the actual registration holder of the domain name.

In the past, during this process, the promoter and the registration holder were required to send physical documentation to Geneva, Switzerland. This implied a cost for both parties, aside from the problem of the time it took for delivery.

Seeking simplicity on the process and benefits for the parties involved, the communication has been transformed to be completely digital; it is no longer required for documents to be sent in paper, the legality of the submitted documents is kept in a digital form and the security level increased by eliminating the risk of losing documents over international shipping.

Registry .MX participated in this process from the analysis of the required changes to the policies and the process itself, to the coordination of the simultaneous change in our website and WIPO´s site.

This modification benefits brand owners and .MX domain name registrants by creating a more efficient arbitrage process.

You can read about the Dispute Resolution Policy on .MX Domain Names (LDRP) at the Polícies section, also you can know more about WIPO’s work visiting their website .

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