4 AI tools you can use for your digital marketing strategy 

by | Mar 28, 2023

How to use AI in your digital marketing campaign 

Since their appearance, AIs have revolutionized the Internet and the truth is that part of their popularity is due to the fact that they make our work easier, so today we want to introduce you to 4 AI tools that you can use in your digital marketing strategy. 

AI has arrived to make our work easier, but we have not yet fully exploited its application in various aspects of our reality, today we want to help you use the full potential of these tools in one of the pillars of your business, digital marketing. In other words, we will see how AI can help you generate content, position your website, improve your SEO strategy and interact with your customers. 

1.- ChatGPT and other AI for content creation 

Since its appearance in the middle of last year, the use of ChatGPT, the AI created by OpenIA, has exploded like wildfire, because in addition to being a free tool, it has the ability to create complex and coherent texts on a wide variety of topics in a matter of seconds. 

However, if you’ve been using it for a while you should know that copying and pasting content generated by ChatGPT can be a bad decision. Although, the content for the most part is amazingly neat, ChatGPT and any other writing AI can make serious mistakes, such as data glitches, unoriginal and uncustomized content. So, for now it is best that all the content you generate in this tool should be manually reviewed or even supplemented with more accurate data and information before publishing. 

Undoubtedly, this AI is the most famous for generating content but not the only one, in fact there were already several options before the appearance of ChatGPT, for example Jasper with which you can create SEO optimized content in half the time it takes to do it manually. 

Another tool that can help you in writing content is Outwirte that will help you take your text to another level in a matter of seconds, as it can check spelling, grammar and originality, so you will also avoid plagiarized content on your website. 

If you are interested in taking your content to another level and start generating videos, Synthesia is your best option, as it allows you to quickly create videos from avatars, preloaded templates and screen recording. 

Its operation is so simple that it does not require any knowledge in video editing, you only have to choose the avatar and other aspects such as background color, images, text and music, then just enter the text of the script and wait for Synthesia to work its magic. 

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2.- Uberflip and other SEO optimization AIs 

One of the biggest concerns in digital marketing is to appear in the top positions of search results, either from Google itself or from any social network and if you already have some time working on increasing traffic to your website then you know the enormous task that this means. 

Artificial intelligence comes to facilitate this complicated work and today we can access several tools that allow us to optimize our content for different search engines. 

One of these tools is Uberflip, which will help you choose the most relevant topics for your audience by recommending the type of content that your followers might be interested in. This is very useful if you want to increase the conversation and engagement of your publications. 

The most important complications faced by SEO specialists is the search for keywords, however today thanks to artificial intelligence this job is easier. Frase.io is a tool that will help you in the search for keyboards and you can also use it in the research of topics and analysis of the competition. Its powerful algorithm compares any term that is online to give you a report with the most common questions about its topic and related information. Best of all, it has a real-time content editor that suggests modifications and improvements. 

3.- Conversica and customer relations 

Establishing communication channels between your brand and your customers can be the difference between only achieving sales and achieving loyal customers. In marketing one of the priorities is to build customer loyalty and for this a personalized and timely communication is the key. 

The goal is to achieve this communication with each of your customers to convert them into loyal customers, however it is one of the most complicated jobs, fortunately you can also help you with different AI that will help to personalize the conversation with your customers. 

Sentiment analysis is fundamental to digital marketing, thanks to AI techniques you can determine how a person feels about a particular product, service or brand. AI can obtain useful information to understand customer perceptions and adapt marketing strategies accordingly. 

Crystal Knows helps you in this complicated process, as it is an AI that will help you determine the personality profile of the customer who has contact with your brand. In addition, it offers you email templates based on personality to deliver personalized and persuasive content. 

Conversica is another powerful AI that will help you contact, nurture and follow up with potential customers, until conversion to sale. All this through emails. Conversica has become the leader in conversational AI by using natural language processing. 

In marketing, knowing your ideal customer is everything; depending on who your prospect is, you can start designing a campaign that will connect with them. Although it is a crucial point in any marketing campaign, many entrepreneurs find it difficult, especially if they are inexperienced. 

This technique can include product recommendations based on the customer’s past purchases, content recommendations based on browsing history, or even personalizing emails and ads based on the customer’s interests. 

Luckily there are tools like NetBase Quid that allow you to track the correlation of brands and your audience in real time, this will save you a lot of time as it will give you information for the creation of campaigns focused on the real needs of consumers. 

4.- Smartly.io and other AI for your social media posts 

One of the pillars of digital marketing is advertising on social networks. Today all your customers are on some social network, this on the one hand will make it easier for you to connect with your audience, but on the other hand you are not the only business that thinks this way, so the competition for the attention of your audience is much greater. Luckily, there are AI tools that help you get several steps ahead of your competitors. 

One of these tools is Smartly.io a social media ad marketing software, which is based on a powerful AI that aims to improve the performance of your ads on networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. The best part is that it allows you to test modular ads on different channels. 

Brand24 is another powerful tool based on artificial intelligence that will help you monitor your reputation on social networks. This way you will have a detailed monitoring of positive or negative comments of your brand on social networks, to change your strategy. 

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Today, working with AI in digital marketing is becoming more and more accessible, it is not only reserved for large businesses, so your business cannot be left behind. Investing in this type of technology will help you optimize your work and have campaigns with better results. Tell us, have you used any of these AIs? 

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