5 tips to improve your customer experience

by | Apr 6, 2023

How to improve your customers’ shopping experience?

Focusing your business on the customer is a guarantee of success, however doing so is not an easy task, so today we want to give you 5 tips to improve the experience of your customers.

For many businesses the customer experience was something that was very low on the list of priorities, however with the advent of new technologies and especially the competition between e-Commerce today offer an excellent shopping experience can position your business above your competition. If you are not sure how to improve this part of your business, don’t worry, here we will give you the best tips to offer an excellent shopping experience.

1.- Offer excellent customer service

If you want your customers to improve their experience when shopping at your business, make sure your customers receive friendly and efficient customer service. Although you can use a chat bot or other AI applications to efficiently and quickly address questions or complaints, customers value more that behind any means of contact there is a real person who can solve them and above all that understands their doubts, so in addition to using such tools for customer service also consider creating a department with trained staff.

You have many options to improve, but nothing gives better results than your customer service representatives to be friendly and above all to be well informed about your products or services, so they can resolve any questions quickly and efficiently.

Responding quickly to your customers’ questions and concerns can make the difference between making a simple sale or getting a customer to return for a repeat purchase. Instruct your staff to respond to complaints and negative comments constructively and consider solutions to resolve problems.

Providing timely information to the right customer is often a complex task that requires teamwork between the “Sales” and “Customer Service” departments, our suggestion is to install a CRM that will help you have all the information about your customers and prospects, their needs and preferences, always at hand, so that your team can provide the best information and the best solutions when the customer needs it.

2.- Improve the experience on your website and online store

According to a survey conducted by AMVO, 40% of consumers surveyed prefer to make purchases online, this is the importance of e-commerce in Mexico. If you have already decided to place your own online store you have already taken a very important step for the growth of your business, so do not forget to take care of your customer’s interaction with the online store, even with your own website.

Today consumers’ expectations when browsing a website or online store are increasingly higher, that’s why a bad experience can drive away your potential buyers.

In addition to the aesthetics of your store and website, the points you should evaluate to improve the experience are ease of navigation, provide information and ensure security.

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Create a clear structure so that your customers can quickly find what they are looking for. Another feature that consumers value in an online store is the speed with which they can navigate, so make sure your website loads quickly and above all is compatible with mobile devices, since nowadays most of your customers browse from their tablets or smartphones.
  • Get used to seeing your website as your letter of introduction, it will be the first contact for many of your buyers, so make sure it contains all the information they need, such as information about your products, prices, contact phone numbers, physical locations and above all make sure to share experiences and positive comments about your brand.
  • Another aspect you should pay attention to is the security of your website or online store. To achieve a secure and reliable website you can check that your page complies with the following points:
  1. Protocol https:// enabled.
  2. Updated software and plugins, also remember to use only the necessary plugins, so you will avoid your page to be slower.
  3. DNS records updated and domain protected.
  4. Regular malware cleaning


Remember that your digital business must be as safe and attractive as if it were a physical business, so do not neglect it, do not neglect your website either because it is your cover letter.


3.-Customize your service

Treat your customers in a personalized way is the best option if you want to improve their experience, so offer personalization options in your products or services. For this it will be very useful to follow up with your customers, collecting information about their preferences and needs to personalize your services.

Personalizing your service does not mean that you will have to create as many products as customers you have, what we mean is that you can carry out a set of actions specially designed to meet the needs and preferences of your customers in order to exceed their expectations. For example, you can offer personalized advertising or offer the products your customer needs through email marketing. You can even make packing more attractive with a special greeting or card, instead of just using a traditional box or cardboard bag. Your customer will appreciate that you take time for their order.

4.-Offer added value

If you are in a very competitive market niche then surely one of your most important concerns is the need to stand out from your competition, and one of the surest ways to achieve this is to offer added value to your services or products.

Offering added value to your products or services can make a significant difference to your customers, however, finding this value is often complicated. If you are having trouble finding this added value for your products, consider offering discounts, special offers or free additional services for your customers. An excellent way to find it is to review the work of your competitors and answer the question what do my customers need, maybe you will find a need that your competitors do not take into account.

5.- Design a Customer Journey Map

Undoubtedly the best tip to improve your customers’ experience is to design a Customer Journey Map, that is, a customer experience map. This is a visual representation of what a customer or prospect experiences from the time they have their first contact with your business until they complete their purchase.

Designing this map will help you understand what are the buying processes in your business and how the customer feels in each of them. From how they access them to what feelings and experiences they have.

Also, in the design process you should collect feedback and suggestions from your customers. Ask for opinions about your business, products or services and use this information to improve the customer experience. Try to make your customers feel comfortable and confident at every step of the buying process.

These are our 5 tips with which you can improve your customer experience, surely once you put them into practice you will notice a big difference in the level of sales. Taking care of your customers and the experience in the buying process can make the difference between just having sales and having loyal customers. Tell us, do you have another tip to improve your customers’ experience?

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