Andrés “The expert”

by | May 23, 2022

Since I was a little kid I liked everything that had to do with computers and not to mention how I got when they finally installed internet in my house, listening to the dial up sound “ba bup beep bup bup bup bup bup bup bup” was literally music to my ears. Today, being able to say that I am a web programmer is almost my dream come true.
My name is Andrew, but my friends call me Andrew. Right now I feel like “The Superhero” of new internet entrepreneurs: by day I work in a technology company, but by night I give advice to people who are starting their businesses on the internet, and since the pandemic arrived, many more people have sought me out.
First I started with the family. I have a godfather who wanted to start his own taqueria, I’m sure you will know him very soon for his famous Tacos Rascacielos. He asked me to help him position his taco business on the Internet and boy, did he go over the top, and even though his tacos are delicious, opening his networks and creating his .MX page was what really boosted his business. As the saying goes “lots of flavor and all, but if you are not on the internet, you don’t exist”. My godfather, although he is an expert in taquitos, technology is not his forte, and he had no idea where to find a domain to create his website and that was my moment to shine.
to shine.
After supporting my sponsor, the word spread and I have found more entrepreneurs asking for the “Andrew Signal” to be advised. Like Fer, who is my sister’s best friend and started a baking business. My gym bro Mike who started helping me with the weights, because a superhero has to be in shape and he told me he wanted to start his sportswear brand. Then there’s Pao, who developed a cool project in college that needed to spread and asked me for help with that (she’s my crush, but don’t say anything to her). There’s also my buddy Charly, who I met at work and knows a lot about cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and digital stocks. Finally, there is Martin, a young entrepreneur who wanted to turn his passion for technological gadgets into his own business and my grandma (who works with his family) told him about my adventures and how I have helped different people and he recommended me to promote his brand on the internet.
And so, thanks to all of them and Dominios .MX, I have managed to become the ally of the entrepreneur in Mexico.
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