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by | Jan 19, 2022

In 2021, YouTube accumulated more than 2,291 million active users, and on average more than 1,000 million hours of video are played per day, so as you can imagine it is still very tempting to create a YouTube channel, either to make a living from it or to use it as part of your marketing plan. If you are interested in creating content on this platform, keep reading because we are going to show you 3 keys to open your YouTube channel.

YouTube has long ceased to be a simple content platform for teenagers or simple fun, today YouTube has become a source of information for people of all ages, ethnicities and social status. More and more people are entering the platform to learn for more than just fun, today it is a school of cooking, music technology, a source of information and a window to endless knowledge, of course it is an excellent window to present your brand, so getting a YouTube channel is a fundamental part of the marketing strategy.


YouTube, the algorithm and the neural network

YouTube’s wide offer makes it more and more complicated for a new channel to reach the massiveness you need. If you want to open a channel for your brand, you will probably not be very interested in becoming an influencer, but at least you will be interested in having your videos and content reach potential customers.

Just like Google, YouTube has its own algorithm and neural network that has the goal of recommending videos to visitors that they might find interesting so that they get hooked and keep watching. So, your channel will do well if your content is recommended among followers and non-followers.  Although we do not know for sure how this neural network works, we can intuit some keys that in addition to helping you get many subscribers can also help you to be recommended. That’s why we want to leave you some keys and tips to make your YouTube channel a success, and each video is recommended.


1. Valuable and constant content

With the great offer that today has this platform, there is no doubt that you must give your best effort to make a high quality content. We are not only referring to the quality of the video itself, we also refer to the quality of the content, because surely there will already be one or more channels whose central theme is the same or very similar to yours, so do not get discouraged, what you have to do is analyze the content of these channels and check where you can contribute something more, what would be the added value of your videos.

Of course, a well cared for editing and a video recorded with the best quality are aspects that YouTube users, and the platform itself, appreciate a lot,luckily every day there are more apps that help you edit a video like a professional, but in a simple way and without much technical requirement. It is also easier to get good quality cameras and lights at a very affordable price, so there is no excuse for not having excellent image quality and lighting.

Editing and recording quality is not everything, so give the script its place, take some time to write down what you want to say, how you want to say it and above all take into account your interlocutor, so you can use appropriate language with which you can awaken their empathy. In this aspect it is also important that you try to avoid high-flown language, because although it may be attractive to your followers, YouTube tries to avoid this type of language and will stop recommending you.

Surely the results of your effort will not come immediately, but do not be discouraged, all those who have succeeded on YouTube have done so after a time of hard work, but especially after being consistent. So if in your first videos you don’t have the views or likes you would like, don’t give up, keep uploading videos, check what you can improve and change it, but don’t stop uploading.

When should you upload videos to YouTube was one of the most common questions. Experts recommend posting ideally two to three times a week, but you can do it just once. This also depends a lot on the type of content of your channel, for example if you have a news or reviews channel you will need to post more often, or when there is a very important event.


No matter how many times a week you decide to upload videos to your channel, it is important that you have the consistency to upload the day or days you have scheduled periodically, because surely your subscribers will expect your content at that time, not posting constantly can make your subscribers lose interest and ultimately lower the number of views.


An excellent recommendation that besides giving you more views and likes will help you to better plan your content is to classify it, this way you can create series of videos on the same topic, for example if you have a makeup channel you will surely do product reviews as well as tutorials, so you can create a series of something like “the supermarket makeup that works best” or “expensive vs cheap makeup”.  This will keep viewers on their toes waiting for the next installment of this topic. Even if your channel is exclusive to your brand, you can create a series where you teach how to use your products or where you put them to the test.


2. Give importance to titles and thumbnails

Sometimes it is difficult to see the amount of work behind a successful video on YouTube and the first few seconds are crucial to get more views, but there are two aspects that we often forget and that are the best hooks to make a person enter to see our video, we refer to the video title and thumbnail.

Surely as a user you have decided to watch a video over others because the thumbnail is very striking and since YouTube allows editing thumbnails these have become true works of art. When you upload a video, try to tell the most relevant thing in the thumbnail, using colors and eye-catching typography.

The other point that you should not forget is the title of the video, as in a blog, the title must be powerful enough to attract attention, and for these experts recommend making them short, but tell a little about what is going to be discussed.

Many YouTubers often use sensationalist or exaggerated titles for their videos, this helps to draw the attention of visitors, surely you locate them, they are something like: “testing the new shaving cream (goes wrong)” “I almost died after trying”, “Our last video” thanks to this type of titles users enter immediately, however when watching the video this has nothing to do with the title, this practice is called clickbait and although it seems tempting you should not use it much, because it is counterproductive since your users will identify you as a channel with false and alarmist content.

It is also important not to neglect the video description, as this part is the perfect opportunity to use keywords that can connect your video with Google searches. Indeed, Internet users often search for videos directly from the Google search bar, so making use of SEO is also necessary in our YouTube channel.


3. Create a community

This tip is especially useful if you want to create content on YouTube professionally, although it also helps a lot if you are going to use the platform as part of your marketing. It’s all about building a community around your channel.

We could say that building a community is hard work that involves being active on other social networks. You can even start by uploading content on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network so that when you have enough material to open a YouTube channel you have a community behind you that will surely watch your videos, so you wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

Many YouTubers usually refer to their followers with a special nickname that identifies them, this helps to create a sense of belonging, this will help you to get them hooked with your content and somehow you will gain their loyalty.

You can continue to cultivate this loyalty if you interact with them through comments, so give yourself some time to like or reply to comments, you can even make special Q&A videos for your followers to get to know you better.

Having a community that is loyal to your content will help you get views and likes every time you upload a video, but it can also help you by getting funding either through the “Join” button with which they will contribute a monthly fee to your channel or the Super chats during live shows. If YouTube allows you to enable this option, remember to give extra benefits to those who join in this way, either by watching exclusive videos or by advancing the content. Thanks to this option, you can have an extra income in a simple and fast way.


No matter if your YouTube channel is just part of your company’s marketing strategy or if you want to become a YouTuber, the ideal to succeed on the platform is that the algorithm recommends you to more people, so we hope that these three keys that we share with you today will help you achieve this goal, but before you become a content creator, tell us what you think is the secret of the most successful channels on YouTube.






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