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by | Apr 27, 2023

7 tools to measure without cookies

Now that third-party cookies are about to disappear, all of us who are dedicated to digital marketing are alarmed because we are used to all the information they can provide us, however it is not a reason to panic because there is still much, we can do and today we tell you about measurement tools without cookies that you should start using right now.

Information is the basis of marketing, without concrete data on views, visits or conversions digital marketing campaigns do not have a solid foundation and surely will not achieve the desired objectives, for a long time we had all this kind of information thanks to cookies, but with its gradual disappearance and privacy policies it is time to take hold of other tools, so read on if you want to know what they are.

All is lost without cookies?

For a long time, cookies, small pieces of text, provided websites with information about user behavior, information that became essential for digital marketing campaigns. With growing privacy concerns users are opting out of third-party cookies. However, this does not mean that this is the end of these metrics, cookie-free marketing is possible.

Google has indicated that its flagship measurement program Google Analytics can work without cookies, both in its Universal version and in its Google Analytics 4 version, however you have to make some modifications, and everything seems to indicate that some functionalities do not work properly. So if you are one of the millions who use this web analytics tool you can continue to use it in a world without cookies.

Fortunately, web analytics has been improving for several years, so today you have at your disposal several measurement tools that do not need cookies, here are some of the most popular and the ones that give the best results.

Measurement tools without cookies

As for measurement tools, there are several options for measuring traffic and activity on your website. These tools allow you to collect and analyze information about user behavior on your website. With them you will have data as important as the number of visits, the duration of visits, traffic flow, page performance, among other data you may need in your marketing campaign.

Of course, in addition to these tools, you can also use the analysis tools offered by other platforms such as social networks, so you can measure the performance of your publications, the growth of your followers and other relevant data for your digital strategy. It will not be precisely data from your page, but it will help you understand your users and followers.

1.-SEAL Metrics

SEAMetrics is a group of powerful cookieless measurement tools. Its developers had already released Adinton which was based on cookies, but as soon as the privacy policy started, they realized that it was the beginning of a radical change of scenery, so they developed SEAL Metrics completely cookieless and that helps you to correctly measure your sales.

SealMetrics does not analyze the user individually, but it does offer useful information for a marketing campaign, i.e., SEAL Metrics analyzes a website through its traffic to obtain information such as time of highest traffic, most visited tabs or conversions. This makes it a very useful and completely legal tool.

One of the advantages is that it is a very easy to use tool, not full of data that then take you to organize and classify, because it already does it for you. On your desktop you will find all the information about your KPIs such as visitors, page views, conversions or revenue, as well as the information obtained from other channels, sources or campaigns.

Seal Metrics is a paid tool, but its plans are quite affordable for all budgets. It has 5 plans ranging from 9 euros to 49 euros per month, of course, you can also try it for free for a month.

2.- Matomo

Matomo is one of the most unknown tools, however in a cookie-free environment this will change quickly, thanks to its several years of experience in cookie-free measurement, which is why it is the measurement tool used by sites such as Red Bull, Huawei or Amnesty International.

Matomo is an open-source software, which works thanks to the data collected with the logs collected by the server where the website is hosted. Although it is very powerful it has the disadvantage that it is very technical, in fact you must install it on the server where you host your website, so it can be difficult to use for novice users with little experience in technology. However, it is worth learning how to use it as it can help with benchmark search engine metrics, keyword performance, visitor flow in addition to WooCommerce analytics.

Matomo has fairly affordable pricing as it has payment plans starting from €29 per month.

3.-Fathom Analytics

Another of our recommendations is Fathom Analytics, it is one of our favorites because it is a simple and lightweight cookieless alternative. The best thing is that it won’t affect your site’s user experience at all, as its software is designed to handle billions of page views without the tracker slowing down your site.

One of its strongest advantages is that it integrates easily into your site, no matter if you use WordPress, Ghost, Squarespace or any other. This analytics tool can help you with such basic but necessary metrics as: unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, dwell time, country, device type, among other metrics.

Fathom Analytics has a budget for all budgets and all page sizes, you can even do a free trial. You have three plans to choose from: one for 14 USD that gives you the analysis of 100,000 page views per month, 24 USD for 200,000 page views per month and 44 USD for half a million page views per month.

4.-Koko analytics

Koko analytics is a plugin that you install directly in WordPress. It is simple to use, and you have access to the data in a clear and accessible way, as it is displayed within the same WordPress editor.

Koko analytics has many advantages such as its ease of use, it is compatible with pages served from cache and with pages with AMP technology, plus it has a wide range of languages. However, the best of all is that this plugin is free.

5.-Plausible Analytics

Plausible Analytics is an open-source software, with which you can track conversions, events and campaigns. It has the great advantage that it is easy to use and very light (its script is 45 times lighter than Google Analytics) so your site will not be slow. You can integrate with WordPress, Ghost or Wix.

It is also economical because it has several packages, the lowest of 10.32 euros per month.

6.- Simple Analytics 

Simple Analytics es una plataforma te puede ayudar si estás buscando métricas más simples. Esta herramienta te puede ayudar con el número de páginas vistas, tipo de dispositivo.  

Tiene una interfaz limpia y sencilla que te muestra solo lo necesario. Puedes instalarla a través de un plugin en WordPress.  Tiene 3 planes de pago y descuentos significativos al contratar por un año. 

7.- Content Square 

Si llevas ya un tiempo en el marketing quizá conoces a Content Square por su nombre antiguo ClikTale. Esta herramienta nació para medir y evaluar la experiencia de usuario en aplicaciones y páginas web, sin embargo ofrece información que puede resultar valiosa para el mundo del marketing.  

Content Square ayuda a entender mejor al cliente gracias a sus herramientas de analítica y de VoC (Voz del Cliente) y sin utilizar cookies de terceros. Con esta herramienta podrás analizar el comportamiento de tus visitantes para identificar errores, la interacción con diferentes elementos de tu sitio, además puede enviarte notificaciones automáticas sobre anomalías y problemas de rendimiento. 


No importa por cuál herramienta te decidas usar porque en cualquier caso es importante que tengas en cuenta la privacidad de los usuarios y que te asegures de cumplir con las leyes y regulaciones aplicables a la recopilación y el uso de datos. Las 7 herramientas que te presentamos hoy te ayudarán a mantener esta privacidad, mientras obtienes los datos necesarios para tu campaña de marketing. Cuéntanos, ¿conoces otra herramienta de medición sin cookies?


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