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by | Mar 15, 2023

Tips to increase your sales through social networks 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, because the most important thing for it to keep growing is to have a constant flow of sales and if you are here is because you are interested in knowing some tips to get more sales and today, we will explain you how to take advantage of all the power of social networks to increase your sales. 

Today social networks are more than platforms to socialize with friends or to meet people, today social networks are a fundamental part for your audience, they are a place where they interact, search and even buy, so you should start using social networks to generate more sales. If you do not know how to start today we will give you some tips. 


Using social networks can increase your sales exponentially, but it implies a very important economic and time investment, so to have the best results it is best to use them with a well-planned strategy and to do so the first step is research, because without the necessary data you will not have the information to make the right decisions. 

What do you need to research in this first stage? The most important thing you have to answer in this stage is in which social network is my target audience. Today there is a wide range of social networks and they all have a different format and objective, but more importantly, they all have different engagement. Wanting to start a campaign on all of them can be counterproductive, especially if you do not have a large budget, so the ideal is to identify which social network your audience uses the most and start creating content on it. According to research by sprout social, 67% of customers prefer to use one social network over another even for shopping. 

This does not mean that you should forget about other social networks, because all of them can give you visibility, but you can dedicate yourself to one and until you have mastered it start posting on another one. 

Another point you should investigate is what this social network can bring to your business. We have already explained that each social network has a different objective, so you should explore what advantages it offers to your business, which can help you meet your objectives and goals, for example networks like Facebook or Instagram will help you to have more visibility and create a community, but if you need feedback with your audience may be more useful Whatsapp or Twitter.  Also, evaluate the business version that each social network offers. 

Be authentic 

According to research 86% of consumers value the authenticity of a brand, in fact that 86% say it is a key factor in deciding between one brand and another, and what better place to show how authentic and different you can be than on social media. So, authenticity should be a feature that should be present in all publications.  

Even if you use templates or audios that are trending in your publications, always try to add what makes you special, what distinguishes you from the competition, so your audience will begin to locate you and highlight you. 

Create a professional team 

Influencers make social media content look very simple and easy to do, so many businesses make the mistake of trying to run their social networks on their own, however sooner or later you will realize that it is an almost impossible task and you will most likely do it wrong. 

If you really want to take advantage of the potential of social networks to increase sales in your business what you have to do is to put together a team of professionals to help you with this task in addition to your marketing team, consider including a community manager who will help you with customer or user interactions and create a community. 

Interact with your audience 

The goal with social networks is to increase your sales, it is also true that they are still a space to interact, so an important part of your strategy is to promote and take care of the interaction with your audience, this in addition to helping your business, your audience will thank you because you will be giving the image of a close company with which they can contact. 

Share opinions 

Customers highly value honest reviews from other customers, in fact they can be fundamental to make a purchase decision, that is why many businesses choose to place a space for customer reviews to be visible and social networks can be the best showcase to place these opinions or testimonials. 

So you can highlight the opinions and reviews about your brand or business or replicate the ones left on your website. 

Remember that the most important things are videos and images 

The best showcase for your products are your social media profiles, so take advantage of their full potential. Forget about just describing a product with words, if you really want to attract the attention of your potential customer you should use images, but especially videos that highlight the features of your products. 

Nowadays what works best are short videos of less than 60 seconds, so use your imagination and all your creativity to present your product in one of these short videos.  


Provide appropriate content for each social network. 

As with Google and SEO, each social network has an algorithm that classifies and positions your content, that is why you must make a useful and quality content for each social network, using the same publications for all your networks can be a mistake.  

No matter which social network you choose, you must adapt to each platform, adapting your content to the format and language of each social network. 

Listen to your audience 

One of the keys to stay current in social networks is that you adapt to the rapid changes and know how to take advantage of trends in social networks, because what is fashionable today in six months may be completely forgotten. If you want your content not to suffer from this and be permanent in the recommendations of your audience, the best thing you can do is to listen to your audience and understand what topics they are interested in, what they are expressing, what they are talking about and above all who they admire and who they interact with. 

Answering these questions helps you to generate the content that your audience is interested in at the time they need it most, this will keep your profile updated and visible to the social network’s algorithm. 

Respond to your followers’ concerns 

A fundamental part of achieving more sales is to gain the trust of your audience, and for this you must transmit confidence. For customers there is nothing more frustrating than having to interact with a bot to solve a question or problem. So even when you don’t use bots to interact with your audience, giving prefabricated answers or taking too long to answer can be just as frustrating for them. 

Remember that it is cheaper to keep a customer than to make a sale.  

One of the maxims of marketing is that it is cheaper to retain customers than to make a new sale, so take this into account to make your social media strategy. For many businesses, filling their profiles with followers or likes is the most important thing, however it is easier to get sales when you have loyal followers, than if you only have occasional followers. Remember that social networks can give you visibility, but they will be more useful if you put effort into using them to create a community, because you can transform these followers into loyal customers. 


Having a proper strategy for your social networks is the best way to increase your sales. To conclude, we would like to remind you that it is important to measure your performance in each social network, to know where you are making progress and what you need to change is essential to keep growing, but before you get down to work, do you remember any other tips to increase your sales on social networks?  

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