How to improve my e-commerce sales?

by | Jan 20, 2021

Learn what things you have to improve in your e-commerce to increase the number of customers as well as sales.

If you are one of those who have a conventional business and have finally decided to take it to the Internet, or you are an entrepreneur who has decided to set up your e-commerce, surely your biggest concern is to increase sales; but you’re not sure about which strategies to use or how to start an aggressive marketing campaign that will change your business from one day to the next.

Remember that the process of generating more Internet sales can be summarized in two steps, linked together: generating more traffic to your online store and transforming visits into sales. The main thing is that you identify where your store’s problems are or where you can improve, because the strategies are not the same for those who sell little but are very visited than for a business that generates few visits.

Here, we will give you some tips to reach your target audience, convert visits and increase the sales of your e-commerce.

Step 1: Generate more traffic to your e-commerce

Maybe your e-commerce is new and therefore little known and besides having almost no views, you do not have many visits either. If this is your case we can recommend some strategies to increase traffic to your website and make it more profitable.

1. Stay active on social media

Most people go online to interact in some social network, that is why they have become a necessary channel in any marketing strategy. The best thing is to have presence in all of them, but pay special attention to Facebook, because it has the most members. It also has special options for businesses and commerce, such as the Fan Page and the business page, which enhance your presence in the network and allow you to reach your target audience.

You can find more blog posts that explain its benefits in more detail.

2. Make a PDF catalog

If your business does not force you to constantly change the offer of your products, you can invest in making a catalog in PDF, where in addition to the photographs of the products, you include the necessary specifications to convince your future buyers, such as size, weight, colors and, very importantly, price.

A catalog mounted on your website has two advantages for you, the first is that it can be downloaded by your customers so they have the opportunity to review it offline; the second is that you can share it by different means, which enhances the possibility of reaching more customers, and with very little effort on your part.

3. Use strong copywriting

If you have not yet hired a persuasive writing professional or tried to use these strategies, you need to find a good copywriter as soon as possible. For each of your products it is better to use a more detailed and attractive description; one that motivates your visitors to buy it. Don’t forget to always think about the customer, be concise and use keywords.

A text with these characteristics will not only help you convince customers to buy your products, but will also help you to position yourself better in Google search results and gain visibility in front of your competitors.

Step 2: Generate more customers

If you’ve been doing e-commerce for some time, you probably already know your website’s statistics. If you have realized that you generate many visits but your sales levels remain stagnant, you will have to improve your online marketing strategy, focusing on transforming visits into actual sales.

If this is your case do not stop reading, because here we recommend some strategies that you can implement to ensure sales in your online store.

1. Make your customers loyal

Sometimes we think that the best option to increase sales in our e-commerce is to look for new customers and we spend a lot of time and money doing campaigns to get them. However, there is a safer and easier way: don’t lose sight of the customers you already have.

In your online store try to have each customer fill out a form, with information such as name and email, this will help you generate a contact list and help you build loyalty with frequent customers.

Make email marketing campaigns with this list of frequent customers, send offers, coupons and special promotions. This will help you generate more sales, because they are people who already know your brand and your products which increases the chances of purchase.

2. Use Cross-selling and up-selling

Anyone who has bought from Amazon has come across product advertisements that are the ideal complement to what they’re already buying. Surely, more than once you ended up filling your virtual cart with products that you hadn’t thought of buying; or who hasn’t hired a service in a basic version but has been convinced in the last minute to buy the professional one instead. These strategies called cross-sell and up-sell, are among the best to increase sales of any business.

Cross-sell is the strategy in which you offer products that are related to or complement the products that a customer is already buying.

Up-sell is the strategy of offering better category products or more complete services that the customer is selecting or looking for. If you still don’t implement these strategies in your business, it’s time to get to work and transform your site to start recommending products in every search.

3. Encourages feedback from other buyers

Allowing feedback from buyers offers you great benefits. The main thing is that other buyers can see real people’s assessment of the product they are looking for. If you have any doubts about how a product works, surely you can solve them by reading the comments, and this gives you the confidence to finish the purchase.

Another advantage is that you can know the complaints and suggestions of your customers so that you can make improvements. Remember to put your customers’ comments in a visible place.

4. Create landing pages

Landing pages are pages that you access after clicking on buttons like “learn more”, “participate”, “more information” on a website. Its format allows you to give more visibility to a product and convert visits into sales. Landing pages can have their own domain or be hosted in a corporate website.

You can create a landing page to sell a product that you are advertising on social networks and convert visits into sales.

5. Focus on closing sales

Surely you are familiar with the fact that many of the people who enter your online store register, spend some time looking at your products, select their favorites and add them to the shopping cart, but do not finish the purchase. This situation can seem very discouraging. However, there are several things you can do to change this and make more sales.

  • Don’t add surprise fees. Try to inform your customers from the beginning about all the costs such as: taxes, shipping rate, express shipping fees, etc. Announcing some extra fee, a couple of clicks away from making the purchase, will only make many of your customers leave the shopping cart abandoned.
  • Make the shopping process easier. As much as possible program your online store to make the process of finalizing the purchase fast and intuitive, since many customers are scared away with cumbersome processes. Don’t forget to optimize your platform to be displayed on mobile devices; most of those who buy online prefer to do it through them because they are more practical.
  • Guarantee a safe purchase. Quickly finding the security seals of purchase and anti-fraud, greatly increases the trust of your customers, so that in the end they end up taking the contents of their cart. The most common is Norton, but you can also hire Google Trusted Store, Geo Trust or McAfee Secure.

If you know any other strategies to increase sales, do not hesitate to share them in our social media We love hearing from you!

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