Marketing strategies for generation Z

by | Jul 20, 2022

Generation Z is currently one of the most important segments of the market, however capturing their attention can be a bit complicated, so today we want to show you how brands manage to capture the attention of generation Z.

According to Forbes, generation Z, also known as centennials, represents for a couple of years 40% of all consumers, and is gradually becoming the most influential sector, in addition to the previous and subsequent generations want to look like them, so being placed in the taste of those in this generation is essential for brand positioning.

Before we move on to strategies to attract the attention of this generation, it is best to know a little more about the characteristics of centennials, to better understand what they like and what their needs are, so you can offer the products or services they need. Because the more you know about this audience, the easier it will be to succeed with your marketing strategy.


The Z or centennial generation

There is no consensus on the age range of generation Z, but it can be said that this generation includes individuals born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s. It is known as z, because it is after generations “X” and millennial, they are also known as centennials or postmillennial.

For many, the characteristic that best defines the Z generation is that they are digital natives, and it must be taken into account that they were born with technology, so they are used to living in a world that bombards them with stimuli and information at any time of the day.

They are used to change their attention, in a matter of seconds, they can switch from one news item to another just as they switch from one video to another. This can be one of the main challenges for brands that want to attract the attention of the Z generation.

But don’t worry, if you want to conquer this audience there are some strategies that your brand can implement to achieve not only the attention, but the loyalty of centennials.


Social networks are the most important

Unlike other market sectors such as generation X or the boomer generation, centennials were born with social networks, so surfing them is a very, very important part of their lives. In fact, they are used to looking to social networks for solutions to most or all of their needs.

Unlike other generations, centennials are used to doing searches directly on their social media profiles. They are not limited to just socializing with friends, on social networks they search for everything from tutorials, life hacks to articles on necessities, employment, a house or a car.

If you want to reach this audience you must prioritize your presence on social networks, just as you worry about optimizing your content for Google you must worry about optimizing your content for search engines Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and of course TikTok.


Simple and clear language

If you really want to fall in love with generation Z forget about using serious or formal language in your content, for them, it is better to opt for a language that is simpler, agile but above all clear. You should also choose to use short messages, remember that they are used to information being presented quickly, so long and stilted messages are not highly valued.

Try to use language that helps you connect emotionally with your customers. Don’t be afraid to use their language, such as compound words, abbreviations or even memes.


User-generated content

With this generation content is still king, but not just any content, it’s important that it feels organic. Creating organic content constantly can be very complicated, so it is best to use user-generated content. A very clear example can be seen on Amazon or Mercado Libre, where a generic review is not enough, because the product with more images and organic reviews created by the consumers themselves are the ones that actually sell more.

If you have an online store, maybe you noticed that the products with more and better reviews are the ones that sell better, so forget about placing just a couple of comments on your product reviews, it is better to motivate your customers to leave their opinion and images in your store.

Therefore, now more than ever is more important the work of the copywriter because it will help you create a community around your brand, which will be creating content organically.


Bet on visual content

One of the best ways to capture the attention of Generation Z consumers is with audiovisual content, so consider including videos in your marketing campaign and of course you must have a presence in social networks such as TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, as these are the networks where they spend more time.

Ideally, you should create short and dynamic videos. Making eye-catching videos for these social networks may seem like a very complicated task, but luckily you can use templates, filters and audios that are in fashion to help you position your content, they will also make your job easier and can serve as inspiration.


Be authentic

Remember that you are dealing with a generation that has been carrying smartphones since childhood, they have been exposed to more advertising than other generations, so they are immune to the old tricks, however when they like something they go viral, no matter if it is advertising.

Undoubtedly the campaigns that are most successful among this age group are authentic and natural content, that’s why they tend to buy products if they are recommended by their influencers organically.


Pay attention to aesthetics and design

Centennials are the first to spot when something looks forced, when it’s already old or looks fake. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect the current design trends and aesthetic canons that this generation is most in tune with. Nowadays, you can forget about saturated or overly saturated designs, generation Z prefers minimalist and collage designs, as far as aesthetics are concerned, camp and kitsch are gaining more and more ground.



The storytelling technique is a strategy that has been used for a long time, however, it is one of the best strategies to attract the attention of centennials. Human beings love to listen to stories, regularly a story will keep us attentive until the end, because we can not leave it unresolved. The storytelling technique takes advantage of this need, because its objective is to tell a story to empathize with the consumer, and then position a brand or product.

With storytelling, in addition to ensuring that you capture the attention of consumers, you can also gain their empathy and loyalty. So start including more content with the “That once upon a time…” to apply storytelling to your business.


Be environmentally friendly

Both centennials and Millennials share a concern for the environment and climate change, especially generation Z is looking to consume brands and products that don’t pollute, so sustainability is a must when making a choice. Making your brand sustainable is a change that can’t wait any longer, projecting a brand image concerned about the environment will help you win the hearts of this generation, you also contribute to the care of the environment.


Show yourself inclusive

Another major concern of generation Z is non-discrimination and inclusion, if you are in tune with this generation this concern should also be reflected in your brand image. In your marketing strategy, try to be more inclusive. In your advertising campaigns make sure to be friendly with the LGBTTTi Q+ community, people with disabilities or migrants, but above all do not project forced inclusion, because it can be counterproductive.


As you can imagine the characteristics of generation Z are a challenge for brands that want to get their attention, however marketing strategies to fall in love with centennials are strategies that will give your brand greater positioning and reach, it will also give your brand image a fresher and renewed vision, tell us what is your strategy to reach the youngest.







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