Steps to make a 100% effective sale

by | Oct 20, 2021

8 steps to sell more

Selling seems a simple process, almost automatic, you just have to show the world your product and in a short time someone will come to buy it. However, in reality, it is not so simple, even if you do not have the desired sales you may feel a little frustrated, but do not worry because today we have for you some steps to make a 100% effective sale.

Fortunately, achieving effective sales does not depend on chance, because there are a series of steps that force you to know your product and your customers to ensure the final purchase. Today we give you a brief summary of the most important steps to achieve more sales.

1. Learn how to sell your brand to yoursel

Before you start designing a strategy to sell any of your products or services, you have to start selling your brand. No matter the market niche where you develop, you will surely find fierce competition, among which you have to distinguish yourself and for this you have to highlight your brand first, before highlighting product by product.

The important thing is that you try to convey the core message of your brand. This way your customers will know what to expect every time you launch a new service or product.

2. Know your product in depth

This seems a bit obvious, because who sells something they don’t know? However, if you want to make a 100% effective sale, you have to really know it, that is to say, you must know how to quickly answer questions such as: What is it? What is it for? What distinguishes it from others?

If you can’t fully answer these questions you won’t be able to highlight the qualities of your product compared to your competitors’ products. So a good idea is to start by listing the qualities and highlighting those that are superior or different from those of other similar products.

Knowing the shortcomings of your products helps you to know what their weak points are at the time of offering them, and knowing the weaknesses of your products helps you to constantly improve them.

3. Conveys security

One of the things that customers value most when choosing one product over another is that they are safe to use, and we are not only referring to products that are safe to use, or that their use does not generate negative consequences.

When we ask your brand to transmit safety, we mean that safety must be present in all aspects. For example, give them the guarantee that it is a safe purchase, that it will arrive in good condition at their doorstep, that they are acquiring a certified product and of course that they have a warranty. In the end we all want to spend our money on something that makes their life easier and that we feel safe with.

4. Try to draw attention to the benefit.

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about an attractive name for each of the products or services we offer, thinking that this is what the entire advertising strategy will be based on. However, doing this can leave aside something that really draws more attention and therefore guarantees more sales; we are referring to the benefit of your product.

Making each ad prioritize the benefit or result of your product over the name guarantees that it will attract more attention from your consumers, for example this is something that is used a lot with weight loss products; regularly in an advertisement of this type the biggest thing is something like “lose 10 kilos in 5 days”. while the name is much smaller and remains in the background.

If you realize with this strategy the first contact that the customer has with the product is the benefit it brings and with this it can be hooked more easily than with a name, no matter how catchy it is.

5. Find your ideal customer

The most important person in your company is the customer, everyone works for them, to satisfy their needs. If the customer is not happy with what they have bought from you or it does not meet their needs completely, they may stop buying from you.

Giving bad customer service can generate a domino effect that generates a bad review that in turn will bring you low sales. That is why you must consider your customer as the most important person for your company.

This requires you to know well your ideal customer or buyer, to achieve this it is necessary to do a market study to help you create a profile of the type of customer who will consume your products. With this you can answer the questions: How old are you? What gender are you? What do you like? What do you need? and others that will help you develop a better targeted marketing strategy.

Knowing your buyer is the best way to understand their needs and therefore offer products that can satisfy them; or at least appeal to these needs to sell.

6. Give an added value

When there is a wide variety of offers similar to yours, you should try to give them an added value that will help you stand out from the rest. This added value can be in any aspect of your product. For example, it can be in the raw materials used, the creation processes, the design, even the shipping or packaging.

For this it is important that you are aware of new information and new technology related to your market niche, so that your products and services are at the forefront. Of course, it is also important to keep your eye on your potential customer and what they value most. For example, if you sell personal care items you can start making them with organic materials, and this would be the added value of your brand.

7. Stay in touch

Closing a sale is not exactly the last step in this sales process, although it seems to be, because it seems that the goal was achieved. However, what we want is for that customer to be a loyal customer, that is to say, in addition to a sale, the ideal is that he/she buys from us again and for this it is not enough to have made a sale.

Once you make a sale it is important that you maintain communication with the customer, a good idea is to send thank you emails at first and then send offers of similar products.

As you can imagine, maintaining communication with your customers helps to ensure future sales.

8. Don’t turn technology on its head

It is important that your customer feels that behind a company there is a human who can help them as soon as problems arise, especially if it is an eCommerce, but this does not mean that you throw in technology that helps you systematize some processes and that can help you by saving valuable time that you can devote to marketing design.

100% effective sales do not happen by pure chance, they are the result of hard and conscientious work in the development of a sales strategy that puts the customer and his needs at the center of it. Let us know if you know of any other strategy to achieve effective sales.

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