Mexicans are also innovating in the world of mobile apps. Next, we present some of the best apps created with a lot of Mexican cleverness.

Smartphones have opened a new market for app creation for almost anything you can imagine. Either it be for entertainment, information or even make money, apps have become part of our everyday. And Mexicans both use and create apps!

We present a list below with the best apps created by talented Mexicans.



This is an essential app for everyone who lives in seismic zones. With over 7 million of downloads, SkyAlert is the leader seismic alert app in Latin America.

The app has an alert module that will let you know when will an earthquake happen in your place, a feed module in which you’ll find all the relevant information, a time module with all the weather details, and an adjustment module to personalize alerts and notifications.



If you love taking pictures and would like to make money with them, you must download this Mexican app. Capptu is described as “a collaborative platform that connects all photograph lovers with brands and enterprises that search for local and authentic content”.

Along with offering a space for photographers to sell their work, this app also organizes contests and creative challenges for them to participate and earn awards.



This is a very useful app for parents with babies and children younger than 4 years old. Kinedu is an early stimulation app that, every day, gives parents new activities ideas that will promote their baby’s development while they play together.

This amazing Mexican app is already being used by over 3 million of families in 180 countries.



This practical app is an electronic wallet that allows you to make all your payments faster and with confidence. In this app, you may upload all your cards to make service payments, shop in stores, restaurants, and subscriptions and recharge of cellphone minutes.



Without a doubt, we Mexicans love good food, and this app is an excellent example of that. Yummmie* is described as “the first social network for food lovers”. In this app, you’ll discover new places, dishes and may connect with more people that share your tastes.



With this clever and proudly Mexican app, you’ll learn English, German, Portuguese, Korean, French, Hindi, Russian, Turk, Chinese, Arab, Italian or Japanese, everything at your own rhythm and without spending a single peso.

The Beelinguapp learning system works like this – the app will let you read stories and listen to the audio of the language you’re learning at the same time, and you can read the same text in your language as reference.


This is just a small sample of how Mexicans are using their wit and creativity to create wonderful and useful apps. We hope these examples inspire and motivate you to develop your own app.