The most common mistakes in marketing

by | Sep 28, 2022

Marketing is not a recipe that you can follow to the letter to get the results you expect, there are some strategies that may not serve your business and there are others that may be difficult to implement and therefore do not give the results you expect, so today we want to teach you the 6 mistakes you should avoid in your marketing strategy.  

Marketing helps you to position yourself and sell more, if you have been running your business for a while you surely already use some strategies that may or may not give you results. However, omitting some tips can make you waste time and money, that is why today we will point out which are the most common mistakes you should not make in your marketing strategy. So you can identify them and correct them before you waste more time and money.

1.- Not having a target

Sometimes we think that the more we publish, the better and that if we reach the largest audience then we will have better and more sales, however this can be completely false and can only make us lose valuable time and money.

The truth is that there are very few companies that have a wide target audience and that a massive and poorly segmented advertising serves them. Most brands, and most likely yours too, have to segment and direct advertising to a target audience.

So the first marketing mistake is not having a well-defined target. Doing an advertising campaign without knowing your target audience will only cost you more money, and you will probably not achieve the expected results. In the blog, we always suggest that a good marketing campaign starts with knowing your target audience.

Identifying them can be a complicated task, but the truth is that you can know them better if you answer these questions about your ideal client:

  • What are their basic facts?
  • What are their defining characteristics?
  • What are their problems?
  • How does he feel about having those problems?
  • What are his dreams?
  • Who does he relate to?

If you want to learn more about how to define a target, you can read this guide from Iebschool.

2.- Little content

If you’ve been researching marketing for a while, then you’ve probably heard the expression “content is king” and the truth is that no matter how much time passes this expression will always be true.

Having too little content is another of the most common marketing mistakes. The truth is that having content in all your social networks and also on your website can be very complicated and can take you a long time, so the ideal is to start small, so you do not neglect any of your networks or your website.

If you have decided to start a campaign and have a presence in social networks, do not open a profile in all networks at the same time, evaluate which is the network that your buyer uses or where you will find your target audience more easily and dedicate yourself to create quality content only for it, when you have mastered it you can start in other networks, using the same content or, better yet, adapting it to each one.

A separate case is to have a blog. A blog is an excellent tool to position your brand, both in search engines and among your audience, however it is useless if it does not have quality content.      

If you can not post on your blog several times a week, we suggest you write content at least once a week and periodically, if you have the budget you can hire a content writer who will help you with the task of uploading quality content to your blog.

3.- Omitting SEO strategies

Closely related to the previous mistake is not using SEO strategies. Having a website is like having a physical business, but the problem is that there are tens of millions of websites, so it is very easy for your website to end up forgotten and without traffic.

The best way to help Google and other browsers find your website and rank it is to optimize your site with SEO strategies. Remember that these strategies are divided into onsite and offsite.

In onsite SEO you must implement strategies to position your site within it, for example use keywords related to your niche or add internal links to invite visitors to continue consuming your content. In addition, you must make sure to provide an excellent user experience, avoiding it to be too slow or complicated to navigate.

As for off-site SEO, its objective is to position the site with off-site strategies. For example, bringing traffic from your social networks to it, or a link building strategy.

H2 4.- Not having a social media strategy

Today, networks are a fundamental part of our lives, and they should also be for your company. Not having a profile on any network is almost as if you did not exist, today it is as important as having a website.

However, opening a profile in one or all social networks does not ensure success, approaching them without having a social media strategy and only uploading a couple of images of your company or products from time to time is another of the most common mistakes in marketing.

Social networks are much more than just a showcase for your products or your brand: they are, among other things, an excellent opportunity to create a community around your brand that will help you get to know your customers better and evaluate the market acceptance of a product.

However, creating a community is not something that comes for free when you create your profile, it is something you have to work on and above all plan for. So if you are thinking of using social networks as part of your marketing strategy, first create a social media strategy where you establish times, objectives and above all your target.

5.- Not focusing on customer loyalty

One of the most common mistakes you make when designing a marketing campaign is that you only focus on attracting new customers. When you are a new business, or you have been in the market for a short time, finding new customers is one of your priority objectives, but if you already have several months with a marketing campaign dedicated only to customer acquisition, it is a big mistake.

A marketing campaign can have more objectives than that of attracting new customers, sometimes you forget that it can be more effective to create a campaign to build customer loyalty, because they are cheaper and have immediate and long-term results.

Forgetting about your frequent customers can be a very expensive mistake that you should not make. You may think that customer loyalty is only a task for the sales department, but it is a joint effort in which marketing plays a very important role.

A marketing campaign will help you to segment your customers, from potential to recurring ones, this will help you to offer them personalized information and advertising, according to the degree of interest they have in your brand. The ideal is to implement a CRM with which you can manage communication and advertising with your customers.

6.- Not having a fixed budget

The last of the mistakes is not having a fixed budget for marketing. For many it is the same to make a large investment in marketing at a certain time and the rest of the year forget it or leave a small fraction of the budget. However, marketing campaigns don’t work like that, having too much advertising only on a few days and the rest of the year appearing only once in a while is a mistake, which will only make you throw your money away.

Another thing is that in a certain season you decide to invest more in advertising because your products will be more in demand, for example at Christmas, New Year’s, vacations or the Buen Fin, but in this case we are talking about the rest of the year you have already campaigned.

To get the most out of a marketing budget, it is best to manage it for the whole year and not invest it in a temporary campaign. Advertising and marketing results are much better when there is consistency.


These are the 6 mistakes you should not make in marketing, although there are sure to be many more. Identifying any of these and correcting them in your strategy can save you a lot of money and especially time, but first tell us what is another common marketing mistake we should avoid?

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