Top 8 demanded careers of 2022

by | Mar 23, 2022

The first half of the year is marked by the beginning of the admission processes of the universities and if you are still not sure which career to choose, do not worry because today we are going to tell you which are the best paid and most demanded professions of 2022, so you can better assess your choice.

If you are already working, but you want to give a twist to your career you can also use this list, so stay because many of these professions you can start taking some courses, bootcamps, doing a master’s degree or diploma, without starting from scratch.


8. Content creator

Having a presence on the Internet means to be creating content on a regular basis, of course this task sometimes can not be done in the most efficient way if we have our own business and do not have many staff members, which is why the profession of content creator is, for several years, one of the most demanding professions.

The content creator is responsible for developing content in text or audiovisual format that will then be used in social networking profiles, YouTube or blog.

If you are interested, and you like the world of social networks and blogs you can dedicate yourself to them from different areas, for example being a copywriter, if you want to do something more than content on social networks, you can become a social media manager and plan communication strategies for a company, or if you prefer the interaction in it, you can focus on being a community media manager to create a community around a company.

If you have studied communication or marketing you can dedicate yourself to this without any problem, but if not, there are several courses that can help you become a content creator, whether copywriter, social media manager or community manager.

The salary of a content creator is very variable, it depends on the company you work for and the responsibilities you perform, but on average you can earn 11,000 pesos per month, although it is one of the professions that you can practice remotely and work in other countries, where you can earn much more.


7. Health-related professions

If we learned anything from this pandemic is that health services can never be too many, so health professionals will continue to be among the most in-demand professionals this year.

There is a wide variety of health-related careers, in addition to medicine, in which you have to invest several years, for example there are those related to diagnosis such as pharmaco biological chemist or radiology; there are also careers related to patient care such as nursing, gerontology, which has been more in demand in recent years, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

The careers related to health are schooled, so you will have to invest several years to practice them, however if you want to dedicate yourself to something related, and you cannot invest the necessary time you can become certified as a paramedic and in many of them you can enter without previous knowledge.

The salaries of health professionals are very variable, depending on the specialization and place of work, a nurse can earn around 10 thousand pesos a month, while a general practitioner earns an average of 25 000 pesos.


6.- UX Design

Recently, companies are becoming more interested in putting the user at the center of their business, this concern extends to applications and websites. Today, more and more companies are looking to provide an excellent user experience to those who visit their sites or download their application.

User design goes beyond a simple traditional web design, since it is about optimizing the interface so that the user who navigates it feels more comfortable. The user experience designer not only sees technical aspects, because an important part of his work is the direct contact with users to assess their needs, at first, and then to evaluate their experience.

UX Design is not a career in itself, but this does not mean that it is not a profession in which you should be trained. If you want to turn your professional life around, this is an excellent option, as there are several bootcamps that offer intensive training and give you a certificate. It is best that you have previous knowledge of graphic design or web design, but from any degree you can start with these trainings.

One of these bootcamps is Laboratoria, an exclusive bootcamp for women focused on employability, which gives you a loan for your training, and you only pay if you get a job.

The average salary of a UX designer in Mexico is 27,000 pesos per month, however an advantage is that it is one of the professions that are gaining ground in remote areas.


5. Data scientist or engineer

With the amount of information flowing on the Internet and especially on social networks, it is not surprising that every day it is more complicated to store, classify and analyze them. Today, companies and organizations of all kinds have a large amount of data and information that they need to process, which is why Big Data professionals are increasingly in demand.

If you are interested in developing as an expert in data analysis, it is best to have a degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science and then do a postgraduate or specialty in Big Data.

The salary of a big data professional is 25 000 pesos per month.


4. Full stack development

For the second consecutive year, the full stack developer appears on LinkedIn’s list of the most demanded careers, as they report a growth in demand of 35% since 2015.

The full stack developer is the professional who has diverse computer skills, could say that it is a hybrid multi-skilled profile that works in the front-end and back-end of a web development, they have knowledge and tools that allow them to face any stage in the construction of online portals.

They are able to work with databases and servers, take on tasks of system administrators, and know the connection between the user experience requirements and the architecture and technology of a site.

If you already have knowledge and experience in programming, you can specialize as a full stack with a course or master’s degree.

A full stack developer in Mexico earns an average of 26 000 pesos per month.


3. Specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A decade ago, talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) was like talking about flying cars, it was something that was far in the future and of course it was not clear that working in it would give you a good living. However, today has shown us that we were very wrong, as this is one of the most sought-after careers.

Today Artificial Intelligence is part of our daily lives, although you probably do not realize it, however you have probably interacted with it on more than one occasion as it is responsible for the operation of the “chatbots” of many companies, it is also responsible for the selection of content of social networks. Of course, the application of AI is increasingly growing in the automation of production processes.

Knowing this, it is not surprising that according to LinkedIn, this career has presented a 74 % growth in hiring in the last 4 years, only in the United States. Currently, there are several national universities that offer a career in Artificial Intelligence engineering, but the skills of these professionals are focused on programming and information technologies, so if you have been trained in these careers you can do a master’s degree or a diploma with this specialty.

Professionals dedicated to AI development are earning around 30 000 pesos per month.


2. Supply Chain Manager

These professionals are indispensable in consumer goods industries, as they are in charge of proposing and designing strategies to optimize supply, storage and inventory in order to improve purchasing processes and quality indicators.

To develop yourself as a supply chain manager, you can do an Engineering degree in Logistics or a Master’s degree in Supply Chain. If you have knowledge in administration and project management, you can take a course to become a certified supply chain manager.

The monthly salary of this professional is 45 000 pesos per month on average.


1. Cloud Systems Architect

Almost all companies have a good part of their information in the cloud and therefore need assistance to manage these processes, so a cloud systems architect is one of the most sought-after professions today.

The cloud systems architect is in charge of managing the cloud computing system in an organization.

Although these specialists are especially in demand in the financial, telecommunications and IT industries.

If you know programming and information technology you can study any of the courses, even if you are disciplined and can dedicate a few months to your training you can train in a bootcamp for cloud systems.


Undoubtedly, from this list this is the best paid profession is the cloud systems architect because on average it earns 60 000 pesos per month.


Now that you know which are the best paid and most requested professions for this year, it is up to you to decide which of them best suits your needs and preferences, but first tell us, did you know these careers?


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