What are the businesses of the future?

by | Feb 8, 2023

Future business ideas that you can start this 2023 

The world changes rapidly and the ideas that seemed to be more profitable can cease to be so if they are not renewed, in the same way at a certain moment an idea that seemed to be bad can become one of the best businesses, if you are determined to start a business but you are still not very clear about what business, today we want to show you which are the businesses of the future that can serve as inspiration for you. 

The businesses of the future do not have to be based on complex or revolutionary technology, they are those that manage to satisfy the needs of an evolving world, they are those that are constantly renewing themselves, they are disruptive and are not afraid to break paradigms to satisfy a niche. Although we do not present here all the possible ideas that will break in the future, the business ideas that we present today are businesses that satisfy needs that are increasing every day. 

Advertising in the metaverse / Gaming channels 

Even though we do not fully understand what the metaverse is and what its scope is, we can say that the metaverse has opened new business possibilities and one of them goes hand in hand with the world of gaming.  

Advertising focused on the gaming world is always looking for new channels to reach its audience. Generally, most of the gamer audience are teenagers or young people who do not spend much time in traditional media or social networks. A good business idea in the not too distant future is to design advertising campaigns for channels such as metaverse or Twitch, platforms where gamers spend more time, so they are the best platforms for companies that want to engage with this audience. 

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in different areas of our lives and although we still do not know all the scope that this technology can have, today there is a great field in which it can be applied, especially if you want to do business with it.  

AI currently available there are several business ideas that you can invite. One of them is automation for data entry and analysis. Thanks to natural language processing tools the task of data analysis can be made easier, this is where natural language processing (NLP) comes in, which will help to process large amounts of text. 

Another application of AIs is graphic design and branding. Although an AI like Dall-E does not replace the work and creativity of a graphic designer, it can be very useful for companies and professionals that offer image design services, as they can save a lot of time in the creation of sketches. The idea is that you introduce in the AI the clients’ requests with the detailed characteristics so that it gives you a first design and you start working on it, this can save you several hours of work and above all it will help you when your creativity is a bit stuck. 


3D Printing 

3D technology is becoming more sophisticated every day and therefore its use is becoming more common, so a business that makes 3D printing available to anyone who needs it can be a very profitable idea. Experts assume that in the future everything can be produced with a 3D printer. 

In addition, it is a business that you can start from scratch very easily, thanks to the fact that the technology to do so is becoming more and more accessible. With a very low initial investment you can buy the necessary materials to start your own business. In addition, the learning curve is very short so you don’t have to invest a lot of time to learn how to print. 

Another advantage of starting a 3D printing business is that you can do different business models, one in which you create and print your own creations or one in which you print third party designs. 

Undoubtedly, this type of printing is one of the businesses of the future, especially with the growing technology industry, and it is an easily scalable business that does not have much competition at the moment. 

Pet-focused business 

Today, most adults have let go of traditional concepts and standards of living, which means that fewer and fewer people are choosing to have children, but that doesn’t mean that they are living completely alone. In fact, it is increasingly common to see young couples or young professionals living with pets. 

Today, for many people, pets are much more than just pets, they are considered part of the family and spend a percentage of their income on their care and health, which is why the demand for specialized products and care for pets is going to skyrocket now and in the not too distant future. 

This opens the possibility of new business opportunities, offering different services for pet care. From the traditional and always necessary veterinary clinics, to more revolutionary businesses such as spas, hotels, day care centers, boarding schools or training schools are businesses that will be more and more in demand every day.  

Although it seems that the niche of pet accessory stores already has enough supply, there are still some business ideas that you can explore and can be very profitable, for example:  

  • Professional pet photography: it is not difficult to see that a cat or a dog is the owner of the gallery of its owner’s phone, everyone wants to have the best pictures of their pets, so if you know something about photography and you like animals you can offer your services so that dog and cat owners have professional pictures of their pets to show off on social networks. 
  • Search for lost dogs: losing your pet can be one of the most difficult experiences for any owner and it is a time when more help is needed, that is why businesses related to the search and location of lost pets are in high demand. There are several business ideas that can work, for example using advertising and paid ads on social networks to advertise the lost pet as perroperdido.mx does. 


Maybe this word doesn’t ring a bell now, but in the future you’re sure to hear it everywhere, especially in the marketing world. Beacons refers to a small device that monitors the consumption habits of customers in a business. 

These are mechanisms that detect the presence of a consumer at a point of sale with the objective of designing a better experience and a strategy to improve loyalty. 

On other occasions we have already mentioned the importance of putting the consumer at the center of the company, so it will be more common for companies to look for tools and professionals to help them know their consumers better. Beacons are already widely used in Europe.  

To start in this type of business, the ideal is to start by training in digital marketing, but especially prioritize training that teaches you to put the consumer in front of the brands so you can design strategies and activities that will help you understand consumer habits and users. 


Chatboxes are and will continue to be a very profitable business. This business model continues to gain ground among small, medium and large companies both in Mexico and worldwide, as they are one of the best options to optimize customer service. 

Chatboxes are able to improve conversations in an optimized and automatic way, increasing loyalty levels without making a large investment. 

If you are interested in starting a business like this you don’t have to know programming, you only have to use tools like Pandorabots, Chatfuel, Botsify or Robotme that are dedicated to create chatboxes for E-commerce.  

Person-to-person business 

Do you remember how revolutionary AirBnb or Uber were? These platforms revolutionized the way we transport and host ourselves and they have in common that they started something very simple connecting people who offered something with people who needed it, just like that, without much paperwork you could find an entry of money or the service you needed much cheaper.  

Today there are several aspects of our daily lives that need to be transformed in this way, which is why platforms that allow exchanges or person-to-person business have a very promising future. Ideas that can work in this aspect are for example applications that allow bartering between users, or the sale of used objects in your own community.  


You probably already have an idea of what your business idea could be, but before you get down to work, tell us what you think is the most important characteristic for a business to prosper in the future. 

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