5 steps to make a digital campaign as an entrepreneur

by | May 23, 2022

An entrepreneur knows that he has to take advantage of all the resources at hand to boost his business, unlike other entrepreneurs, he has to learn from everything and optimize his time because he has to be involved in all aspects of his venture, so today we will explain how to make digital campaigns.

The tips we will give you today will help you to apply marketing strategies in digital media, plus step by step to create a digital campaign that allows you to both position your business and attract more customers and conversions.

H2What is a digital campaign?

The most important thing to understand to start with a digital campaign for your business is that it is about structuring something more than digital advertising, because it is actually about implementing a series of elements and techniques, which serve to publicize the products and consolidate the brand in the digital world, but also to position yourself in search engines.

To launch a digital campaign, we must divide the planning into two major plans: strategic marketing and operational marketing. The first is focused on analyzing the resources and tools available to your business, and above all it is a stage in which you must establish the objectives. The second refers to the implementation of the first part, i.e. the implementation of the strategic plan.

Ideally, your marketing plan should include both parts, so that each step corresponds to the previous one and the resources are well focused and directed. Here are some steps and tips for implementing a digital campaign.


1. Research the market

This is one of the most important steps to start your digital campaign, as it will define the rest of the strategy. It is about choosing the market niche where you are going to develop your activity and your target audience. In addition, it is the moment when you will have to define your buyer, to define elements that can later help you to direct your advertising, such as: age, gender, socioeconomic status.

Analyze the competition

A good way to know your market niche and what strategies work in it is to analyze your competition. Identify the audience they are targeting and their tone, this will help you assess whether you have found the right buyer persona or at least you have described them correctly.

Another aspect you should look at is their digital strategy, check which digital channels they use, i.e. if they are using a website, social networks, blog, videos, etcetera. It is also important to pay attention to the keywords they use to attract traffic to their site or social networks.

Analyze the keywords

Once you have identified and narrowed down your target audience, and you have also identified some keywords, it is time to analyze the traffic they generate and what search intentions they have. Remember that in a digital campaign, the keywords are the terms that will help you to find the right keywords.

It sounds a very complicated process, however there are tools that for a few dollars a month will give you very complete statistics, for example from Google Ads you can evaluate the traffic generated by each keyword, while the search intent you can find out from Semrush.   


2. Define a value proposition

In a world as competitive as today’s it is not enough just to do your job well, in other words you must find an added value for your brand, which gives a plus to convince your customers to consume your brand and not the competition.

You must focus on establishing what value you deliver to your customers to define and build around the rest of your proposal and it will help you establish clear objectives that will allow you to move forward in your digital campaign.

Of course, this is not an easy task, many brands spend several years before finding that added value, so for an entrepreneur it is normal that the work is even more complicated, however specialists advise to answer three questions to find that brand value that then you will highlight the rest of the campaign:

  • How do your products or services solve the needs of your customers or their business?
  • What are the benefits for your customer or their business in consuming your brand?
  • What are the differences in your products or services that make them better than your competitors?

Once you have a clearer answer to these three questions you can realize the value of your company and use it in the rest of the digital campaign.

3. Establish the channels

Today, who is not on the Internet does not exist. Surely you have heard this phrase more than once, it is often repeated ad nauseam because it is a phrase that every day is more true, even if you have a local business people will look for you on the Internet.

Luckily, the channels you can use to have a presence are becoming more and more varied, from the classic and essential website to your Google My Business profile. Ideally, you should create a website and also have a presence on several social networks.

Create your website

No matter which social networks you choose, the ideal is always to start with a website, because it concentrates all the information your customers need to know you, contact you and buy from you.

Starting your own website does not have to be expensive or complicated, you can do it from a content management system like Wix, Duda or WordPress the most complete of all in which you can create a site just by dragging and selecting sections and elements.

Establish a strategy for social networks

Each social network has a different target audience and objective, for example twitter has a smaller reach than others but is excellent for managing customer service, while Facebook is excellent for starting an advertising campaign and generating leads, even if your budget is short.

If you decide to start a campaign using different social networks you can use some aps to help you publish and analyze your profile in social networks, the best thing is that many of these applications are free.


4. Start with a campaign on Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Having a website is the first step to start with an advertising campaign through Google and a fan page to start with the campaign on Facebook, both spaces Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the best tools to start a digital advertising campaign, both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is best to start in both, because thanks to Google you can place your ads on other websites and even in search results. The best thing is that it allows you to make a geographic segmentation so you can have a cheaper campaign, although with a narrower focus.

Facebook Ads helps you to position your brand on Facebook and Instagram. You can also generate high quality traffic, which achieves conversions and not only visitors. The secret to achieving successful campaigns on Facebook Ads is to define the audience very well, when you start a campaign you will be surprised by the amount of information you can specify to define your audience.

Regularly if you want to generate leads it is better to use Google Ads, except if they are very specific sectors, the explanation is simple when someone searches for something does it from Google, not from a social network, however if your goal is to promote a particular product Facebook may be the best option.


5. Look for partners

When we talk about planning a digital campaign for entrepreneurs the ideal is to have the right people supporting you, and when we talk about finding partners for your campaign we are not only talking about finding investors, we are also talking about creative partners to help you put on paper the objectives and your strategy in your campaign.

Knowing how to choose both financial and creative partners to support your campaign is essential for you to successfully execute your campaign.

If you don’t have the budget to hire staff for an indefinite period of time, you can always resort to hiring freelancers through platforms such as Workana, Freelance or Fiver, where you are sure to find highly qualified personnel that you can hire quickly.


Making a digital campaign does not have to be a complicated task nor do you have to become an expert in digital marketing, although it always helps to hire someone, the important thing is to clearly define your goals and draw a line of action to help your venture to position itself and generate leads, especially if you are new in your niche, tell us do you think there is one more step to start with a digital campaign?

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