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by | Nov 9, 2022

The Buen Fin is just around the corner and although it is usually a season with guaranteed sales, today we want to give you some strategies to implement in your Buen Fin campaign and boost your results.

For many businesses the Buen Fin means one of the best sales seasons of the year, it is also the prelude to Christmas sales, however success does not come by itself, that’s why marketing is your best ally in this season, it will help you reach the established goals. There is no doubt that designing a special marketing campaign for the season can pose some challenges, so today we want to give you some tips to have a winning strategy this Buen Fin.

Get ready before the Buen Fin

Today, more and more Mexicans are waiting for the Buen Fin to do some shopping, in fact every 5 out of 10 shoppers anticipate their Christmas shopping for this weekend; so it is normal that they are in expectation of the offers and making price comparisons beforehand, in other words, today consumers are better informed.

Our first tip is not to wait until the day before to publish your offers, do it from one or two weeks in advance, so your public will know what to expect in your business and generate expectations. In addition, you gain time over your competition.

Be honest

As we have already mentioned, today the public wants to be more informed about the prices and offers of what they want to consume. During the first years of the Buen Fin, some businesses began to raise prices just before the season started, so they could announce substantial offers, but the price of these items had not changed much. These dishonest practices have made consumers more suspicious, and they start comparing prices much earlier.

Doing this type of increase, and then offering an attractive discount, only hurts your image, because surely many of your customers will notice, so if you can not offer big promotions it is best to leave discounts or smaller but real promotions, in the end your customer will thank you more than a false discount.

Offer attractive discounts

This seems obvious, because it’s the Buen Fin, so you are going to promote offers, but remember that your audience has high expectations for this period, don’t discourage them with discounts and offers that they can find the rest of the year.

What is the ideal discount? There is no clear answer to this question, but the best thing to do is to be prepared to offer at least a 20% discount. If you look at the rest of the year, the discounts are usually less than this. Many of your customers are waiting for this date to buy certain products, because they are sure that there will be much bigger discounts than the rest of the year.

You can negotiate with your suppliers or try to reduce costs in different areas so that you can offer substantial discounts, otherwise your competition will attract more customers on these dates.

Prepare your inventory

Okay, this is not a marketing tip, but it can also help you during this season and if you put it into practice it will be very useful to increase your reputation among your customers.

Many businesses during this season do not expect to sell as much and are content to take out what they have in stock, however many businesses end up with two thirds of the inventory that is offered during the year, so it can be very easy to run out of some product.

Our advice is to prepare your inventory, it is best to make an analysis on what your products will be most in demand so that you increase the units only of that product, so you do not have to invest in all your merchandise.

Increase your presence in networks

As we have already said on other occasions, today we are all on social networks, so your future customers probably are too. Besides, nowadays, it is more common for the public to make any search from a network than from Google itself. If you still don’t have a presence on social networks, these reasons are enough for you to start planning now, so your profiles will be ready for the Buen Fin.

A common mistake is that when a business wants to start in social networks they usually open profiles in all of them, however it is best to do research to know which one your target audience uses, so you can start working your profile only in that social network, dedicating all your resources and time to improve your presence in it. Then you can start creating profiles on other platforms.

If you start on all networks at the same time, it is likely that none of your profiles will be attractive enough for your customers.

Create a campaign on social networks

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one, if you already have a profile on social networks, most likely you already reach your target audience organically, this advertising is the best because it does not cost you and, in the long run, it is much more effective, but when we talk about seasons like the Buen Fin and Christmas there is no bad advertising, or too much, so it is best that you start a paid advertising campaign on social networks for the Buen Fin, even if you do not have a presence in them.

One of the best places to advertise is Facebook, as it is the social network with more users, in fact it is estimated that there are 2. 80 billion active users per month, so surely your audience will be there.

Undoubtedly the volume of Facebook users is very attractive for advertising, but there is an even more important and attractive reason: segmentation. Through Facebook Ads, you have the possibility to choose in great detail the audience to which you want to present your ads. This way, you can be sure that your advertising will reach potential customers.

Another advantage of Facebook Ads is that it allows you to upload a wide variety of ad formats, i.e. from text-only ads such as simple posts, to ads with images or video.

Open an online store

The next tip may be a bit complex and may even reshape your business model, but the truth is that if you put it into practice you will improve your sales not only during the Buen Fin but throughout the year.

The advice is to open your online store. It seems quite complex, but the truth is that nowadays it is much easier thanks to platforms like Shopify or PrestaShop, or even if you already have a WordPress website with some plugins you can transform it into an online store.

Of course, your strategy doesn’t end with offering an excellent user experience, you must also plan your home deliveries and implement new payment methods in your business and this is what the following tip is all about.

Open new payment methods

Nowadays, customers are used to simple and secure purchasing processes. No matter if it is through the Internet or physical stores, you must simplify your purchasing process, especially your payment methods. In addition to cash, incorporate card payments, bank transfers and especially electronic means such as PayPal or Mercado Pago.  Even in your online store, you can add payment gateways. Avoid losing customers simply because they can’t pay you.

Build customer loyalty

The Buen Fin is an excellent opportunity to meet new customers, so take advantage of this opportunity and employ strategies to build customer loyalty. In marketing, it is always said that it is much more expensive to get a customer than to keep the ones you already have. The phrase that sums this up very clearly is Katherine Barchetti’s “make a customer, not a sale”.  At this time, new customers will surely come to your business, so the best thing to do is to ask them to fill out some forms to have the necessary contact information to establish contact with them and send them more information about your products and offers.  This is usually a complex and long-term task, but you can make it easier if you manage your relationship with your customers through a CRM.



With these strategies your business will be ready to take advantage of the Buen Fin. Remember that this season is a time of great opportunities for your business, so you can’t miss it. Tell us, do you have another strategy for the Buen Fin.





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